need advice ladies!!!!!!!

hey there, my AF is due on thursday and im getting extreamley inpatient, when is the early that you would recommend for testing for it to be accurate and which test would you use. i no i should really wait to thursday but my god its not easy!!!! also the first 2 or 3 days after ovulation i was getting bad cramps/pains, not that bad that i couldnt do anything but i knew they were there, any ideas what that could be???

Baby dust to all!!!! xxx


  • i think the first response early result is 6 days ealy but the accuracy at that stage is pretty low even if you are pregnant. superdrug say 4 days early and i think asda is 3 days early! if you are going to test id use the first response early result test. but if you get a neg result dont despair too much as it could just be too early to pick up on their tests.
  • I would wait until at least Monday (if you really need to test, however, Thursday would be better image ) but it depends how you might deal with a BFN...I'm not saying its going to be but in my experience I feel more down seeing a BFN than an AF.

    I've heard that First Response are the most sensitive.

    Good luck in trying to stop testing...I know its really hard!!! image

    Baby dust to you!!!!
  • I agree with curls for me seeing BFN is so much worse for me anyway than af showing up! Try to hold off as long as possible x

    good luck i hope you get your BFP X
  • i tested with a first response-not an early one- cd 30, im usually 27-30 days so i was expecting af today at the latest but i got 2 bfps yesterday, even one in afternoon so u could do it wednesday. if enough hcg is present on thurs then enpugh shoul be present wed too, but if it is bfn doesnt mean ur not pg at all if u get me, so id say wait til wed. ive done cdb early before and theyre only 54% accurate 4 days early, so dont do it monday! xxxx good luck
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