didnt know where to post but sooo confused

Hi Girls.

How are you all? Hope ur all well. i didnt know if this was the right place to post this but here goes....

Wel...Matthew is 13 weeks old on thursday and i had my usual bleeding afterward for bout 2 weeks. A couple weeks after i had my first af. I used to be regular but its now been nearly 6 weeks since my last period. Is this normal or could i be pregnant?

I havent started taking the pill yet because i have been waiting for this period to start! And its still not here!

TMI - When me and oh have been "doing it" he has been pulling out just before he ejaculates (sorry) and i've just recently been told that some sperm leak out before that. Is this true? I dont know

I did a test yesterday to try to put my mind at ease and it was BFN. but today i woke up feeling sick and light headed and my boobs are slightly sore so i am really confused. Could i be pregnant or is my body just changing.

Love Heather

i forgot to mention that i have bottle fed from the begining.


  • Didnt want to r&r but dont really know, but yes you can get pg if they withdraw as there are sperm in the bit that comes out before ejaculation. Hope that the end result is what you want it to be.
  • had to bump up cos i need advice.

    sorry if i've posted in the wrong place xx
  • I think you could be, I know my sister had one of her babies due to thinking her period's hadn't started again yet, but then turned out to be pg (mind you she also got pg on pill and with coil so she is just like a baby factory). There is leakage yes, but I guess pulling out early would reduce the chances. I guess you won't know without going to the doctors.
  • it is possible. the only way to know is to test! i stopped breastfeeding my 5 1/2 month old 3 1/2 weeks ago and since then ive not had af so ive been really worried, but ive tested and its bfn. it would have been 4 weeks since last af on tuesday just gone, so i tested this morning and was a bfn again, so god knows whats going on, i wouldnt be worried if i was preg i just want to know either way, as it is very annoying. i hope your af turns up or you get that bfp! good luck xx
  • Heather it is possible but just to reassure you that I bottlefed Zara from the start too & my afs have been all over the place as well, the longest lasted around 6 weeks. I would give it another week & if af doesnt show up do another test then

    Good luck & hope you get the result you want xx
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