Hope to join you again soon.

Hi ladies I dont know if any of you remember me from a few months ago. I was only on here for a breif time as we got our BFP in our first month of ttc.
I found out last wednesday @ 9 weeks that our baby had died. I was/am totally heartbroken but I had known something was not right. It measured 9 weeks so had not long gone.

Anyway I had a D&C yesterday and am now thinking about maybe ttc soon. I know some of you may think its way too soon but I know I want another baby and waiting for a few months is not going to make my loss any easier. I may decide not to but I usually just storm ahead in life so im sure I will be here soon. I just need to make sure OH is sure as he doesnt really talk about how he feels :\(

Lots of sticky baby dust to you all and hope to chat soon xxxx


  • Hey babylove,

    You already know how sorry i am to hear your news and you have been very strong and i really admire you. I think whatever thime your ready is frine to start trying again, dont let other peoples opinions run your life. Just make sure OH is ready too as you said. Good to hear from you, speak soon xxxx
  • Hi babylove, yes I remember you. I am so very sorry for your loss. Whatever you decide to do, we will be thinking of you on here. x
  • Hi hun,

    You're welcome back here anytime!!

    People keep saying to me that i should wait because of my emotional state etc, but to be honest i'm finding that not only have i mourned the loss of my baby but i also mourned the loss of my pregnancy and the plans we had made, and the look on my lovely OH's face when he knew he was going to be a daddy. Whilst i'll never be able to bring back or replace my baby, i can bring back the look on his face and our plans so we've decided to ttc straight away again!

    Only you know whats right for you hun, and like you i wanted to look forward! If you think that you'll be emotionally ready then go for it! We're all here ready to support you whenever you're ready!

    Hope you're feeling ok after your d&c and hope to see you soon!

    Lots of love hun
  • its upto u at the end of the day if u feel ready to start ttc straight away then its urs and h2b choice. hope ure feeling ok after whats happened xx
  • Sorry to hear of your loss hun, I think its really up to you and the oh for when you decide to ttc again. I've heard that the doc's like you to wait until your first af - mainly due to dating etc. xx
  • Hi *babylove*

    I totally remember you...so sorry to hear about your loss...that must be so hard to deal with!!! Any time that feels right for you & your OH is the right time...no matter what any one else says & you know already that we'll all be hear to support you whatever you decide...

    We're not here to judge...just support image xx
  • Hi babylove

    I remember your posts from when i first signed up a few months ago. Just wanted to say I'm so sorry to hear about your loss x
  • Hi babylove, I'm so sorry for your loss. Hope you and OH are taking care of each other. It's totally up to you when to try again, no one is going to judge you as only you know what feels right. Good luck when you do decide to try again. x
  • Hiya babylove, I also remember you and remember of your mc :cry:
    i really hope everything goes well for you with your next BFP.

  • Hi hun so sorry to hear you are going through this big hugs hun.

    Hopefully you will be back soon and next time will be your time.

    Take care

  • Thanks for your replies ladies.
    I am now a little worried after reading a post on ttc after mc so will have to think about it for a while but im sure I will be here soon xxx
  • Aww hon, so so sorry to hear you lost your bean. I can't even imagine what that was like, but am sending you hugs & baby dust. Once you and oh feel ready to try again I'm sure you'll get your BFP quickly, and you'll always be welcome here.

    There is no right or wrong time to start trying again; just do what feels right for you and oh.

  • So ladies me and OH have decided to ttc straight away. Im so excited and sad all at once.
    I think I may be in for a shock this time as we got our last 2 BFP on our 1st month ttc. Dont think the chances of 3 in a row is very likely :roll:

    Lots of baby dust to you all and look forward to chatting xxx
  • Hi hun

    Am still here image nearly 6 months for us now never did I ever imagine it would take this long.

    Hope we both get BFPs and move to DUE IN.....forums would be great!!

    Just keep up the pma and am sure your more fertile after a mc so you could fall quickly again.

    Glad to hear you remain positive after your awful experience and sad loss

  • Hi Babylove,

    I remember your posts from a few months ago. I'm really sorry to hear your story, and wish you all the luck in the world for TTC again. I really hope you get some happy news very soon.

    Lots of babydust,

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