Last month was my first month using my monitor, i also used my ebay test strips. I got a positive on cheap sticks on day 10 whish is right with my cycle.

Right here comes the comlpicated bit i only got a high on my cb monitor from day 14 but no peak at all.
However i did notice on the actual cb test strip that it had 2 lines in the window on day 10 is this anything to go by ? I had 2 lines in the test strip window on day 10 and 11 and then back to one.

I am getting so confused i only have a 23/24 day cycle so if i had a high from day 14 that leaves my lunetal phase short.


  • hmmm I don't know! they say to ignore the actual lines don't they? but they must mean something...
  • I'm sorry I can't help on the two lines bit but I can offer a little help on the 'no peak' part! Its hard to explain really but because its your first month the monitor needs chance to get to know you. I'm sorry if this sounds like I am talking in very simple ways but its how it was explained to me and made sense! If the monitor is programmed initially on an average woman - the first month you use it - it will measure against that average. It will for example be told (this is just example numbers) that at low fertility the chemical level is 0 - at high the chemical level is 10 and at peak its 15. So when you start using the monitor and your chemical levels rose for the first time - it will have given you a high and would then wait for them to rise again for your peak. IF however - your peak is only at the 'high' level of an average woman then it will miss it - i.e. if your peak is 10 then it won't recognise its YOUR peak level and if your chemical level goes down after that then its not going to find a peak. HOWEVER this does not apply the second month. The monitor now compares your last months results - so it will know what YOUR peak is. Chances are you will get a peak this month - the monitor is clever but does need to get to know you - so bear with it!

    I hope this makes sense! Its so hard to explain!

    Lianne (and bump conceived with monitor!!)
  • I can't really help you on that one either because I am still in my first month of using it and the monitor gave me 5 high days (which app is normal for the 1st time you use it) the it gave me 2 peak days. I would say keep using it and hopefully it will give you a peak this month. I think that the monitor is complex system but Vodkasis said it's very clear
    Hope you get that BFP soon

  • Soz mean't to say very clever!
  • cant help you either i am afraid, i used it for 1 half months (2nd month got screwed because of clocks going back) but did not get any peak days at all. i have reset it this month to right time for me and hopefully will get some peak day....

    fingers crossed for all.....
  • Soz mean't to say very clever!
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