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2nd temp rise?

Hi Ladies, well I think I'm 7/8 dpo following my CBFM peaks, my temp rose by 0.5 after OV and has stayed constant til today, where it has increased another 0.3 degrees?

I was exepcting it to stay the same til AF? Do you think this could be a good sign?

I'm not very experianced with temping!



  • Very good sign! Think its called Triphasic which can indicate pregnancy. Have u had any dips in temp at all after OV?

    Did your CBFM mirror your temps, so peak's and temp shift on the same day?

  • I had a slight dip of 0.1 on Sat - then it's gone up today - higher than after OV.

    I had my temp increase the day after my last high on my CBFM and we BD the day before my 1st peak, on my 1st and 2nd peak, and then missed the following high and BD on the first low after my peaks etc.

    I have been getting strange tummy twinges - but that could be anything I suppose.

    My temp was strange though this morning - normally it creeps up slowly for about a minute but it shot up today??

    Ooooh I really hope it a baby!

  • This is sounding very positive!! Kepping everything crossed! Look in the chart gallery to see if it matches to other pg charts!
  • Oooh interesting. I too have noticed a 3rd rise in my temps and i am now 11DPO with no sign of AF, she arrived at 12DPO last cycle so keeping my fingers crossed! I too have had tummy twinges over the last few days. Here's hoping it's our BFP's!! Wishing you lots of luck and sending lots of baby dust! x
  • this was my first hunch the month i got my bfp as my bbt usually drops below coverline a day or two before af but it just stayed high. fingers crossed for you.
  • Well, I took my temp again this morning and it is still up - exactly the same as yesterday........

    I have to say I have been feeling really strange too yesterday and today. I feel strangly tired, not normal tired but heavy if that makes sense - I was driving to work this morning and felt like I could have nodded off - which is not like me!

    I just feel weird - not ill but not quite myself and not like I've felt in previous months waiting for AF to arrive.

    I also feel strangly chilled - normally I feel really stressed out wondering if I'm PG but I don't feel at all stressed this month. I just have a feeling............

    Hope this month is lucky for us - I really want to be PG for Xmas! xxxxx
  • Fingers crossed for you chocolate muffin! Will be glad to see a BFP from temping

    When will you be testing? xx
  • Well I'm due to test on Tuesday - but I might test over the weekend I'm not sure yet..... image

    If my temp is still up this high on Sunday I might test then........

  • My temps are really high too... but tend to be high after ov, then will drop drastically just before AF.

    Am currently on 36.95 degs, please stay up!!!

    I'll be testing Sat if they are still high.

  • Here's hoping this is our lucky month!!!

    Have you been using OPK's or anything? How long have you been TTC?

  • I used CBD opks a few months ago but couldn't warrent the expense when we were Bd'ing all the time anyway!!! So thought i'd try temping.

    This will be month 6 ttc for us. How about u? xxx
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