conceiving a baby?

im 18 years old and currently have a 14 month old daughter. iv been trying to conceive again since december but no luck image was on the depo injection from january till november, anyone have any advice on things to increase mine and my partners chances? thanks


  • hiya, i was on the depo injection from the age on 16-19, i then went on the pill (im now 21) , when i changed over from the injection to the pill the nurse told me it would take approx a year for my hormones/periods to go back to normal. also my friend was on depo, and it took her 18 months to conceive. it stays in your system a long time (my friend is 30) so hopefully coz ur younger it will come out of your system quicker? hopefully your different, but im thinking it may take a while? i cant imagine thinking back what the injection must do to your body?! i wouldnt recommend it to anyone! ist nice and easy being on it, but when you come off its a nightmare! good luck tho, fingers crossed your different coz ur young!

    *sprinkle sprinkle*
  • My sister started the injection when she was 17 as she isn't allowed pill because shes on medication; they warned her then that it could take up to a year for fertility to return to normal if she ever wanted to come off it.

    Sorry hon, not the news you were probably wanting but thought you should know that it might just take a while. xxx
  • I had the injection from the time I had my little one (may 05) at 21 and came off it in nov 08 (when i was 24). It took another 9 months for my period to first come and im still ttc now...hopefully it will be quicker for you. Good luck xx
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