Hey girls I finally tested this morning &..

I got a BFP!!!!!

I used a CBD & it came up pregnant within 15 seconds. Looking back there were a lot of symptoms but I had been putting the tiredness down to being really busy at the moment & the sicky feeling down to a bit of a tummy bug coz Amy had been sick a few weeks ago. Anyway I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that this will be a sticky one. I figure I am 5 weeks +4 so still really early days.

Anyway good luck & lots of babydust to everyone xx


  • Congratulations - sending lots of sticky babydust to you!!! Have you been TTC long? What were your symptoms out of interest?!?

  • Ohhh my god, what wonderful news hun, im made up for you! How long have you been ttc? xx
  • congratulations !!!!!!

    best of luck for the next nine months.

  • Congratulations.
    what great news, so happy for you. Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy. xxxxx
  • Congratulations.
    what great news, so happy for you. Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy. xxxxx
  • Congrats honey i am sooo pleased for you here is too a wonderful 9 months

    K xx


  • Ah Hilary thats fab news :\) im so pleased for you...gotta love the CBD tests! How exciting ooh a lil brother or sister for the girls, congratulations lovely xxx xxx xxx
  • We started trying after I had my 1st proper af after having Zara so shes 6 1/2 months now so I'm guessing roughly 5 months. This was the 1st month that things went to plan & we managed to bd everyother night from cd10 - cd22.

    The symptoms I had was feeling very tired but I had put this down to being really busy with the books I'm selling & looking after Amy & Zara on top of that. I have had a sicky feeling for the past few days but Amy had been sick a couple of weeks ago so I just thought I was coming down with what she had. I also had a heavy crampy feeling like af was coming but it came & went, again I was just putting it down to af being on its way. Looking back it seems soo obvious but at the time I didnt really think twice even though these are all the same symptoms I had with Zara. xx
  • LOL Vicki, I love the CBD too coz it spells it out to you!!!
  • Congratulations Hilary, sending sticky baby dust! xx
  • Congratulations!! Sticky babydust!
  • Hilary, that is fantastic news!! I had read that you were going to test this week but life had so far got in the way and you hadn't managed to! I am soooo pleased for you.

    All the usuals, hope it's a happy and healthy time for you and lots of sticky baby dust!

    Well done!!

  • Congratulations Hilary!!! That's brilliant news!!!!

    I hope everything is happy and healthy for you, see you in the pg forum!!!

  • Congratulations honey thats fab news!!! have a H&H 9 months!!
  • Congratulations - have a happy and healthy nine months xx
  • Yay congratulations that is fab news.
  • I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!

    Fabulous news, I am so happy for you... You're only a few weeks behind me, we may be birthing buddies...

    Well done you...

    Sara x
  • Hurrah - congratulations!
  • Congratulations hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy image
  • Thats great news! Congratulations to you and oh!
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