What's going on????!! ARRGGHH!

So, here's the problem - been TTC for 3 months and since then my cycles seem to have gone mad, For years they've been either 28 or 29 days. The first month of TTC it was 31 days, then it was 26 - I think that was coz I was majorly stressed and tired, but everything's back to normal now and I had a major relax over xmas, so I thought that this month things might start to settle down. I'm CD34 now and no sign of AF. I've been feeling weird since New Year - had pulling pain by my bikini line for a couple of days and had random AF like cramps. I couldn't lie on my side or my stomach. Then last weekend when I was expecting AF, I had a weird rumbly feeling and yesterday I was really dizzy. I don't know if I'm reading too much into it, but decided to do a test anyway. So this morning I tested with a Superdrug test (they're supposed to be sensitive right?) and got BFN.
This is really driving me mad! I've never been this late, AF symptoms are there but no flipping AF!! Plus a BFN! Arrggh!! I'm not even sure that we were BDing at the right time now that my cycle seems to have gone mad!
What should I do?? Can anyone help?


  • Hi hun. It's probably the pill that's messing up your cycles. I had first AF after coming off the pill after 42 days and I'm still waiting for the second one and it's been nearly 90 days! So many people have irregular cycles after coming off the pill and it takes a few months to get back to normal.
    Although, you could also have a shy bean and if you still haven't had AF in a few days I'd do another test. Maybe wait another week and then do a test? xx
  • Hi MrsS,
    Thanks for the advice, but I wasn't on the pill. I was just regular without it. I think I will do another test if AF doesn't show up. It's just so annoying that I've gone from clockwork to all over the place. This whole TTC malarky is messing with my brain methinks.
  • Hi hun

    one of the other girls got their bfp and they had pulling pains etc in their bikini line, fingers crossed for a shy bean hun xxx
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