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Cystitis!! NNAARGH!!! UPDATED: Nausea!

Well, I woke up this morning with cystitis. NOT a happy bunny. I popped over to the pharmacy and they said they wouldn't recommend I use any of the salt/potassium based sachets I normally use if I'm trying for or could be expecting a baby and just to drink lots of water and cranberry juice. So then I had to trudge (or waddle as I can't walk well when I've got this) to the shop to buy it out of all its cranberry juice (all of two cartons!) and I'm now sat here drinking myself into soft drink oblivion in the hope it'll go away!

I guess it must be the result of too much BDing???

Anyone else got/had it?

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  • I feel for you, I had it years ago and was miserable, I couldn't leave the house though as I was peeing so much! Are there any herbal remidies you can look up that you can take?
  • Oh bugger, not nice image hope you feel better soon. Barley water is also supposed to be good for your waterworks robinsons do it in orange & lemon.

  • It's awful isn't it! I had it in my late teens for MONTHS. They tried every anti-biotic under the sun after they decided it was a urinary infection and not cystitis...I was tested for EVERYTHING to the point at which not having a doctor with his head between my legs was strange! Hahahaha!

    Anyway, I'm just going to go with the juice and water for now, it's only the first day so I'm hoping it will calm down later. I normally go to the loo straight after sex but since we've been trying I've obviously been holding off for longer to hold on to those swimmers! Deep down I'm praying it's a baby sign as I heard this can be a symptom of pregnancy, but after only a week and half of trying I doubt it image
  • I'm the same as you, I got it a few months ago because I didn't want to go to the loo straight after to help the spermies on their way!! But a lady on here said that the good ones would be well on there way anyway so it wouldn't make a difference!! I still lie there for about 15mins after and then use the loo!!! I hate cystisis!!! I feel your pain!
  • It's almost gone now thank is supposed to be my last fertile day and I want to BD again but think that might aggravate it?
    Also, after BDing I lie there for about 45 minutes!!!!
  • Hi ladies,

    Cystitis is almost on its way out, although I still feel like I need to pee all the time. Now for the last two mornings I've felt nauseous, not actually been sick but feeling awful for about an hour or two.

    The last few nights we've also had visits from a stray cat who has sprayed downstairs and the smell has literally made me snap awake.

    Only been trying since Dec 27th-would this be too soon to be experiencing symptoms???
  • *BUMP* Please help!!!
  • Hi VQ, do you know when you OV?
  • Hi hun

    Didnt want to r&r I have had cystitis before and it is awful so I can sympathise with you!

    As for the nausea if youve only been actively trying i.e. off protection since 27th Dec then this will be side effect from coming off the pill, assuming you were on the pill.

    I think it is too early for pregnancy symptoms at this stage but there is also the possibility you could already be pregnant.

    When was your last af?

  • Hello!!Yes, I think I OV'd around the 2nd and 4th of Jan and we've been trying since the 27th of Dec and the last time we BD'd was on the 3rd of Jan. Too soon??
  • Hi Sparkling Diamond,

    No, I've been off the pill for 2 years, just been using condoms since, so no chance for pill symptoms. My last AF started on Dec 22nd and finished on the 26th and I have a 23 day cycle. Eeeek.
  • I can't say for sure hun, so are you on your 2ww?

    Whens af due? have you come off the pill or something?

  • Sorry-what does 2ww mean? So much lingo!!!

    My AF is due around the 17th-22nd and I've been pill free for two years. Still got the cystitis and regular need to pee, achy pains from time to time...and nausea for last two mornings. Perhaps I'm reading into too much...
  • 2 week wait (time between ov and af).

    Good luck hun, could be preg symptoms fingers crossed xx
  • Thank you-I'm so scared to get carried away with myself!! I hate setting myself up for falls!!!
  • Ooh you're around the same stage as me.
    I'd say it's possibly to early to get symptoms but not impossible.
    Good luck, hope the cystitis clears up for you soon x
  • Thank you-I really want to go and get some medication for it but I'm worried that if I might be pg I might do something damaging image
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