does anyone know...?

Hi, me again (sorry!) Does anyone know how long hcg can remain in your system at detectable levels after a mc? I mc on 14th May, so assumed all traces would be gone by now, but didnt have any blood tests at all to check the levels.

Now as Im getting v. faint lines on FR (which isnt getting darker/stronger) Im just wondering if its possible that its picking up leftover hcg from the mc? (CBD was neg.)


  • Im replying again BB4 (!!!) :lol:

    Im sure it was socks who said that she was bleeding last week after her BFP and her dr had told her to go back today for another pg test as by then the HcG would be out of her system???

  • Wow that quick?! Doubtfull that its leftover hcg then after this length of time. Its coming up to the 2mth mark.

    Thanks MrsS! You have given me a pma boost! image xx
  • Hi babybump4, i think ive read on hear too that its normally out of your system within 2wks! I really hope its a bfp for you hun, good luck xxxx
  • thanks hun! image xx
  • Hi BB4
    I had mc on 8/5/08 and had blood tests a week later and it was dropping dramatically. They told me to do a preg test a week later to make sure and it was negative. Hope this helps i was 7 +3 at the time, i think the time it takes to leave your system depends on how far preg you were. Hope it is BFP fingers crossed for you xxxx
  • thanks wantingbaby, that does help. I was almost 10weeks, so not much further along than you. I had actually lost all my pg symptoms a few weeks earlier, so I am confident now that all the hcg would be gone. Ooooh, dare I hope?! xxx
  • hey babybump.
    i had a miscarriage in january and they wanted to track my hcg levels to make sure its about a week after my miscarriage i was down to zero.
    i really hope its a shy bfp for you.
  • Thanks Aeris, 'shy bfp', what a lovely way to put it! ;\) xx
  • Hey bb4, sorry to hear that you still have a faint line hun....I don't have any advice, just thought I'd say hi...

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  • hiya babybump, it took my levels just under a week, i was 10 weeks too, last march, hope your line gets darker hun xxx
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