Am i having an AF after coming off the pill??

Hello all,

I am desperate for some help. Have just joined up and would really appreciate some advise!

I am on the pill and had an AF last week, i took the pill for another two days after this but then decided to def stop taking it to try for a baby. However ( sorry for the detail!) on wed/thurs i started to bleed but it was almost brown in colour and no too heavy.

What does this mean? Is it an AF, and should i technically ovulate in just under 14 days?

Please help.

Thank you! x


  • Hi emily. I am thinking if you have just stopped the pill mid way through, this could be your withdrawal bleed. Sometimes you can get brown spotting before the red bleed. Af is a red bleed, when you count CD1.

    When you come off the pill, your cycles can be all over the place. This doesn't mean you won't ov, or conceive. It just means for some, it is harder to get to grips with your cycles for a while.

    There is no harm bd'ing around 14 days of the cycle, but that is the average ov time, for a 28 day cycle. Yours might be a bit longer or shorter. I would also look for other signs like EWCM, and ov pain.

    HTH, and your cycle sorts itself out soon. I came off the pill end of March, and had a 30 then 33 day cycle. xx

    P.S. I'll bump up the abbreviations list, in case you are lost! x
  • Thanks for your help,

    So do you think it is worth trying to start to conceive now, after the withdrawl bleed?
    Should i expect my red bleed around the same time as my usual period?
    Sorry for all the questions but have i have been searching the internet and this website is such a great help!
    I have done an ovulation test today, but i hear that sometimes it doesn't test positive until after the best day to conceive.

    Great advise
    Thanks again

  • Sorry, double post. Removed the one with the spelling mistake!! x :roll:

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  • There are women on here who have become pg, straight after stopping the pill, without having a natural af first. So never say never! If it doesn't happen for was a practice run!! image

    I would guess an average of a 28 day cycle, although sometimes it can be a lot more, while the body sorts itself out. If you bd when you think you are ov, and test at least 2 weeks after if af doesn't show. This can lead to disappointment if you get a bfn, but it could also be a lucky bfp!

    Ov tests are tricky. They must work, because so many women use them. (Me not included). There is a post on here, Interesting chart about falling pg. It seems to indicate LH surge happens when percentage of getting pg is quite low. TBH don't know what to say about ov tests. Personal choice, and the differences in our bodies - not everyone responds in the same way, have to be considered. xx
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