i posted on here yesterday (not sure where its gone tho!) i done a test and left it a few hrs before seeing a positive result wasnt sure if it was because i left it so long or not....anyway went and brought the clearblue digital test this morn just done it and it says PREGNANT 1-2 WEEKS!!!! omg im so happy/shocked/scared! i had a M/C in april.
my last period was 19th may so docs will say im 4 weeks rite?
i cant believe its happened so quick thought it would be months!
its gonna be very scary until i get past 7 weeks but im going 2 take it easy not get stressed and OH will be walking the 2 danes until further notice! im going 2 wrap myself up in cotton wool and hope my little pea stays were it should, well 4 9 months anyway.
anyway sorry for rampling, just wanted 2 share it with someone!


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