need some inspiration! newby

first post so forgive me if i dont know all the lingo and abbreviations yet. Been off pill 11months now and ttc for all of them! both me and hubby in mid-late twenties, healthy etc. my first few cylces were 65ish days long and now seem to be settling on 38/9 ish days. Doc took some blood a few months ago and apparently i am ovulating. can feel it also. just beginning to feel really really disheartened as the days and months go by and no one knows we are trying so no one to offload on. each months i am hoping only to be disappointed again. all scenarios of thins that could be wrong with both of us going through my head! hubby got a girlfriend pg in past about ten yrs ago so thinking its likely to be me but who knows. feel a little more positive when i read that it took people 13, 14, 18 months + to get those magical 2 lines as it gives me hope that we might indeed get there afterall! any advice would be fab!


  • Hey,

    Welcome to BE, sorry you are having such a hard time TTC - I know how you feel, we are on month 17, I think... Stopped counting :lol:

    Are you using OPK's or anything to determine when you are ov'ing? I tried them once but have bought a Clearblue Fertility Monitor for this month and am full of enthusiasm now image

    To be honest before I joined this site I thought I was the only one that seemed to be taking forever to fall pregnant but now realise thats not the case and lots of poor ladies actually have it a lot worse :'(

    Anyway hope your BFP is just around the corner and that you can move swiftly into pregnancy but in the meantime I sure you will love it here :\)

    Good luck xx
  • Hey pet,

    Sorry to hear you're feeling down this month. This is a great place for support though, especially if nobody in 'real life' knows you're TTC!

    Are you charting your OV dates with either OV tests or charting your temperature and CM? Once you've got a better idea of your cycle it might make it easier to target your BD'ing to give his little swimmers the best chance!!

    Good luck!!

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