My 1st month of CBFM and temping.........

Hi Ladies,

Just thought I would tell you of my experience using the CBFM and temping for the first time........

I have roughly 35 day cycles, my CBFM gave a lot of highs and then peaked on CD 19 - which is about right.

Funnily on previous cycles, about 9 days before AF was due I was getting really strange tummy pains and cramps on and off for a few days, my tummy was always blaoted, and it felt like I had trapped wind. It was in the back of my mind that perhaps these were OV pains, and I was a late ovulator - which I was a bit worried about.

Now, this month, I had the same symptoms at the same time as my peak and the following few days - so I'm thinking it was right previously and I had been OV'ing late. This month it must have corrected itself?

I'm now on CD23 - my CBFM has gone back to low, but this morning was when I had my temp rise - so I'm thinking maybe I ov'd yesterday - which would be a few days after my peak? We BD yesterday too luckily!

I was dubious about temping but have found it helpful and reasuring - and the temp increase is quite prominant at 0.5 rise.

Just thought I'd share my experience for any of you thinking of starting to temp etc..........




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