Still waiting....

Hi all,

Well I'm on CD36 and am still waiting for AF to arrive, have done lots of HPTs, all BFN so am confident I won't be getting my BFP this month, I just wish AF would arrive so we can carry on TTC!!!

Sorry girls theres no real point to this post, I just wanted a moan really!!! Is there anyone else still waiting for AF and getting BFNs?

I think i've missed a couple of the recent BFP so also wanted to say huge congrats to all you lucky ladies and I wish you all a very healthy and happy 8 months!

Claire x


  • Hi Claire,

    Can't offer any advice just wanted to wish you luck for a BFP, hope you just have a shy bean x
  • Thank you for your replies. Unfortunately I have no idea when I ovulated, I was using ovulation tests but only got negatives - I was only using 1 a day so that may be why. For some reason I didn't have any EWCM this month which was a bit unusual. I do know that its been 2 weeks since hubby and I did any BDing so am thinking if I was pregnant it would show on a HPT by now?
  • Could still be shy Claire so don't give up on the PMA, its not over until she is here. Sending you baby dust xx

  • Fingers crossed for you - it's sooooooo frustrating not knowing what's going on inside your own body x

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