fao those who use YAYW!!!

i really hope BE doesn't change to that format!! its horrid!! i thought i'd nip on as a friend from my old work gets married soon so thought i'd have a nose!!

i really don't like it!!! lol



  • ooooooooo i dont either! its sooo confusing! i dont get emails when people reply to my posts, and also dont have a wedding countdown anymore image i used to be on there for hours a day, i dont bother anymore. its so sad coz i loved it, and was really looking forward to posting my wedding pics after the wedding. o well. at least we still have BE! and your right i really really hope they dont change BE too! xxxx
  • Oh my god I was going to say the same thing!
    I hate it, All my pictures that i upload for my avatar come out horrible and stretchy, the layout is horrible!

    I miss the countdown too (for the anniversary) image

  • It's awful isn't is!! There's actually a new forum set up by former YAYW members that alot of us have joined, it's brilliant, so user friendly!
    Here's the link if anyone's interested:


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  • hi ladies just bein nosey but what is yayw?
  • lol trying4no1, its you and your wedding website, its a form. it used to be exactly the same as this, but for weddings, it was great, it had a countdoen of how many days til your wedding, and and groups like getting married march.2010.. etc, and now theyve changed it and its sooo confusing!
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