1dpo - anyone want to go quietly insane with me? lol

Hi girls,

Well, its so nice to see the spate of recent BFPs on here - has really given me some PMA for this month. In theory we've done everything right this time, I have a 35 day cycle and this is what DH and I have (ahem!) been up to so far :roll:

Mon 8th March - CD1
Wed 24th March - BD (pm)
Fri 26th March - BD (pm) using Zestica
Sat 27th March - BD (am) Positive OPK
Sun 28th March - BD (am) using Zestica, positive OPK
Mon 29th March - plan to BD tonight, still getting positive OPK this am

Obviously it's far, faaaaaaarrr too soon for me to experience any signs or symptoms of pregnancy, but I have had what I think are ovulation cramps (never had these before) last night, they were so strong last night that I actually slept with a wheat bag on my tum.

So, anyone in the same boat who wants to keep me company and share symtoms (either real, or imagined, lol) ?

If I was pregnant, I'd be giving birth at Christmas which is my absolute favourite time of year - would be lovely to have my very own Christmas Pud :lol: image

Sarah xx

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  • I would love to join you. Not using opk but doc told
    me to Bd from day ten to eighteen so so more days. By my cals though and going from last month I ov'd on day fourteen so like you we are will bs tonight too. Hubby hasn't been phased this month as he has no idea where I'm at. Yey. We can ss together if you like lol. X x
  • Hi! Count me in!

    I'm currently about 3/4dpo I think... I don't really have a brilliant feeling this month as I think we, ahem, peaked to early so to speak (BD'd the 3 days before positive OPK but didn't manage on the day of the smiley or the day after. I know it's possible for swimmers to have still been hanging about, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up as it wasn't ideal timing. Still, a bit of harmless symptom spotting should make the 2ww pass more quickly (I hope!)

    This is my second cycle off the implant and the first 2ww I had nothing even resembling a symptom. This month since about 2dpo I have been very tired, gassy, have got spots (boo!) and feel a bit wooly headed - sort of like the start of a cold, but without the cold symptoms. I had some very mild cramps today but they have stopped again. No sore boobs / EWCM or anything that promising though. Oh, but the past two nights I have had some quite odd dreams that stuck in my mind more than usual (last night I was swimming with some man I don't know in an elephant's watering hole - wtf is that about?!)

    Good luck ladies! xx

  • Hiya Vicsy and Tilty, thanks for joining me. 2dpo today and I'm sure I should be experiencing cramping, implantation bleeding, sore (.)(.), metal mouth, dizziness, fatigue and increased urination by now, lol. Seriously though, the 2ww does drive me mental, glad to have someone to share it all with.

    I don't know why, but I have a good feeling about this month (very easy to say 2dpo lol), if it doesn't work out I can start the next cycle knowing that we gave it our very best shot.

    Vicsy, you probably do right not telling your DH where you are in your cycle, I do find the pressure of *having to* BD some nights is a bit much. Then if one or both of you is not 'up for it' I feel so disappointed about the missed opportunity thinking that we've blown it for a particular month. Do you ever feel that way?

    Tilty, I had the implant too - had it removed in April last year but for one reason and another not had many chances to TTC since. Try not to worry too much about not BDing at the right time, I read that sperm can live up to a whole week in the reproductive system so its likely that there were some hanging around still around the time you OVed. I have read many many threads on here and on other TTC forums about women having unusually vivid dreams during the 2ww when they were pregnant so I'd say that was a really encouraging sign!

    I will be keeping my fingers crossed that this is a lucky thread for all of us and looking forward to hearing all your symptoms during the 2ww.


  • Haha, yes, all of the above symptoms most certainly should be here by now! And surely a bump too? :lol: It is nice to have people to share the wait with though and I do always enjoy a nice bit of feverish speculation!

    I'm trying not to worry *too* much about the 'right' time to BD, but I did ov tests this month (just to try and get to know my cycle really as I am so recently off contraception) and knowing that positive is there does kind of make me over-analyse timings... I am trying very hard not to though!

    I'm about 4/5dpo today and haven't had any more cramping unfortunately (it's funny how TTC makes you think annoying symptoms are actually a good thing!) I'm also less tired today (ditto). I have had some nausea, although this is actually quite common for me and I am not reading much into it. I also have *one* sore boob?! The left one feels like someone has elbowed me in it (which I'm sure I would have remembered) and has since 2 nights ago. But as the right one is fine I am also assuming that this is not a 'real' symptom. I am willing them both to start hurting as I think it might actually mean more!

    Here's hoping for more wild and crazy dreams tonight to keep my hopes alive... and may lots of symptoms come the way of you lovely ladies! xx
  • Hi girls

    How are you doing?

    Sarah, I do feel that way yes, I also always feel bad that something always comes up the day or so after I think I've ov'd when I feel like we should be bd'ing. Do you manage to get before and after. We just seem to get lost with other things.

    Ive had some cramping today though, have either of you had this? I've been to the loo loads too but I've been doing lipotrim for the last couple of days and I've been drinking about 3 litres of water. he he.

    When are you testing?

    Im so excited that we have each other to share things with.

    V xxx
  • Hi all
    Can I go quietly insane with you all for the next few weeks?? I'm 2 DPO - used the clear blue digital predictor for the first time this month - managed a smiley face on the very last stick (was beginning to think either the kit didn't work or I didn't work!). Only been TTC for a couple of months and this is the first time we've done it at the right time so have fingers crossed. Never wanted to feel sick so badly!
  • Hi there Lady T - welcome to our lucky thread image We're hoping to astound everyone and have the first thread on here where every single one of us gets our BFP so we can all transfer over to Due in December together, lol.

    I'm just 2 dpo today so we'll be testing at the same time. At least I think I am as I had my first +OPK on Sat (afternoon) and my last one on Monday morning, although by lunchtime I was testing negative again (can you tell i'm a POAS addict? lol) so I'm counting Monday as 1dpo. It's just so exciting getting that positive OPK and even more so when it's a Clearblue Digital OPK as you get a smiley face - sounds mad but that smiley face gives me more PMA than a couple of lines on a normal OPK :roll:

    Tilty - lol @ we should have a bump by now as well - I am like you though, analysing myself for every twinge and murmur - I have already started my boob poking sensitivity test :roll: and have to report that there's no difference at all despite my mind working overtime. Looking forward to hearing about more of your crazy dreams. I had quite a horrible dream last night that my gran died which I woke up from feeling upset until I realised it wasn't real - It was very vivid. I'm hoping for more crazy dreams, but hopefully a bit more pleasant!

    Vicsy - I know what you mean about BDing. I am counting this as our third proper month of TTC and the first time we've BDed as much as I would have liked or is recommended. The last 2 months we tried I was using a clearblue ovulation kit - we only managed to BD on one of my highs and on one peak the first time, we didn't make either peak the second time, just a couple of days before. This month we've managed to do it on 2 or 3 occasions before OV, on both OV days and afterwards and I reckon that's only because my OV days happened to fall on a weekend.

    My DH works so hard and would usually be too shattered to manage BD every day, it also (dare I say it) starts to get a bit boring and repetative when you've 'got' to it, so we have previously only managed it once or twice. I do hope we've cracked it this month, even if just for the rest, lol :lol: :lol:


  • Hi Lady T

    Welcome to our two weeks of madness. It is only our 2nd real month really, although been off the pill since November/December but don't think we've been doing it at the right time - lol.

    Fingers crossed for us all this month and we'll all be DID. Yey.

    I think I'm 2 DPO too.

    V :0)
  • Oh Vicsy, just remembered that you asked when I was going to test. Would love to say I'm going to be good and wait 'til i'm late but the truth is that I have 4 First Response pregnancy tests calling to me from my bathroom cabinet so I'll prob be naughty and test on 9po (6th April) and again on 10dpo, 11dpo and 12dpo. What am I like, lol.

    When are you all testing?

  • I'm going to try and wait too, I have some cheapy tests which are supposed to be sensitive but I think I'm going to try and steer clear and I to am called victoria and I am a poas addict - he he. So to answer you lol I'm going to test on the 15th if AF hasn't showed. I know what you mean about BD'ing becoming boring, well not boring, I just don't want to think of the baby part I would rather enjoy it for what it is and get a BFP as a bonus. he he. Sorry that may have been TMI.

    Wish we had managed after, I think I may have ov'd on Sat/Sun but not using opk so not quite sure but stopped bd on Sunday. Fingers crossed it's enough.

    You'll have to keep us informed with your tests. I may have to get some FR now lol

    V xxx
  • Hi all can I join. I tested yesterday and got my first surge, tested last night got my smiley and this morning another surge, so either tomorrow or Fri I will be 1 dpo so just a few days after you ladies. BD on Sat 26th am, then Tue 30th PM then tried this morning but no luck think DH finding it too much pressure do you get that! x
  • Hello all! Susiee, I think Sarah's comments were a bit tongue-in cheek... (or perhaps wishful thinking?!) I am certainly hoping that you are right about HGC levels and symptoms though as my initial 'symptoms' have all vanished, boo! Well, in actual fact I still have a sore left boob, but remain unconvinced that it means anything other than I slept on it funny. I am now feeling wide awake, have no cramps and no sickness - how very unfair that I should feel so disgustingly well! Still, I am only 5/6 DPO and hoping that the symptoms hit me with full force any day now *crosses fingers*

    I still can't get over what a funny business TTC is, in that we are all desparate to feel unwell!

    I'm not planning on testing unless AF is actually late (easy to say now, ha!) so that will be me testing on the 9th ish if she's not here. Fingers crossed for a no show! xx
  • So are vivid dreams some sort of 'symptom'?? Interestingly the last two nights I've had very vivid and memorable dreams...unfortunately no other symptoms to report yet so maybe I've just eaten too much cheese the last few days image

  • I have heard a few people say that they got very weird / vivid dreams before getting their BFP... I'm not sure how much fact is in it (and know it probably doesn't mean anything in my case as it would be a bit early anyway) but I am clinging on to my one potential 'symptom' while I hope for something a bit more meaningful! :lol:
  • Hehe, no worries, I am frequently have those moments myself! Maybe it was a bit of wooly headed 'baby brain' kicking in early...?!

    Welcome to the thread and good luck - your timing sounds very promising! I am still symptomless really, but trying to stay positive anyway... Not too long until the 9th (or I may cave and test on the 8th if I just absolutely can't hang on!)
  • Hello Ladies!! and welcome to the new peeps who are joining us image

    Where are we and how are we doing today? I am 6dpo and as I have said in a few other posts on here today have had no symptoms whatsoever. As Susiee points out, implantation (if its going to happen) usually occurs around 6-7dpo anyway, so I might not have noticed anything out of the ordinary yet anyway, but can't help being disheartened when I read about other ladies implantation bleeding, tummy cramps and sore (.)(.) I am nuts! :roll:

    I so want this month to be our month, we did everything we could've this month to try and get our BFP, and it would be so nice to think that we were ending 2010 as a family of three image :lol: image

    I am going to be keeping a close eye on my body today, tomorrow and the day after and will start testing from 9dpo and be keeping my fingers tightly crossed until then.

  • Hi! I'm 8-9dpo and losing all hope as I now have no symptoms at all :\(

    I'm actually feeling ok about it as it's only my second month of trying, but I do hate the feeling of having to wait for the inevitable arrival of AF... I know my PMA will come straight back as soon as it's onto a new cycle and a new try, but I kind of feel a bit in limbo waiting for the confirmation of it at the moment!

    I know lots of people do get BFPs with no symptoms and it's still early days, but I just have this *feeling* I'm not pg... Still, Sarah, at least we can be "symptomless buddies"! :lol: (Although I really hope you start to get some soon!)

    I think going by ov symptoms last month I had an approx. 12 day luteal phase, so AF could be due as early as Tues. I'm determined not to test until Thurs at the earliest, although I'm sure she'll arrive by then...

    At least it's easter in the meantime and I can console myself with chocolate in abundance! image

  • Hey Tilty
    Keep your chin up - my friend recently found out she was pregnant only because she was late, no symptoms at all. It happens.
    Know how you feel though, its so frustrating waiting for something to happen. I think I'm 7 DPO today but nothing really to call anything. I'm clinging on to my weird dream phenomenen...5 nights in a row of very freaky dreams plus I've had a few naps (yeah, embarassing to admit) with equally weird dreams. This is very unusual for me. Nothing else to report really - no sore boobs, no cramping, no nausea. Boo.
    My boyf thinks I'm pregnant, but hey what does he know. He just thinks if we shagged at the right time it must have worked!
    Anyone else having any symptoms yet??
  • Quote:

    "My boyf thinks I'm pregnant, but hey what does he know. He just thinks if we shagged at the right time it must have worked!"

    :lol: :lol:

    Lady T, that made me laugh as my hubby has the same logic! I said that next month we will have to be careful not to wear ourselves out in the first week after AF again, and he said 'you'll be pregnant by next month, so it won't matter' - how's that for male PMA!

    Thanks for your little pep talk too - I will try and stay more positive. I am still having really odd dreams - well, nightmares now! Last night I dreamed I went out to a restaurant and it had cages with tiny cute puppies in that the chef was going to kill and serve up to the customers! I was soooo traumatised but had to stay and eat my meal there. If the dreams are not pregnancy related then I am obviously developing a very twisted mind! image

    I also noticed a slight change in CM yesterday afternoon - there's still harldly any of it, but it went from really white and thick to clear and more watery. It could just be the impending arrival of AF of course, but those are my only symptoms and I am clinging to them! :lol:

    Happy Easter! xxx
  • How's everyone doing now?

    I am happy as I have developed what could possibly be considered a few symptoms! image Although as AF could be due any time from Tuesday I am not getting too hopeful in case it's just that. However, today I have:

    - Been really tired and 'woozy' feeling
    - Felt sick (although it may just have been a bit too much Easter choc)
    - Had slight backache
    - Been completely confused and doing odd things, like finding myself in part of the house and not knowing why I am there / leaving half of my evening meal cooking in the oven after I've sat down to eat etc.

    In general, I have just felt really odd. However, none of the symptoms involve any cramps or any hint of a funny feeling in the uterus area, so it could just be something boring like the start of a cold :\( Fingers crossed though... I just hope AF shows up soon if she's going to so I am put out of my misery quickly! xx
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