Hi guys,
it's my first month of using CBFM, I bought it 10 months ago but due to not having AF for 10 months (PCOS) and taking metformin to help AF to start I have only just been able to start using it.

Here's the problem:I am on CD17 and there is no hint of a high never mind a peak! Does this mean that I am not going to ovulate this month?


  • hiya, am also on 1st month of using cbfm! i got my high on cd 18,19 and peaks on cd 20 and 21. Wasnt a shock for me as had used opks in past so knew i ov late!
    Youre not out yet. I have ovulated between cd 15 and 29 over past year xx
  • i used the monitor when TTC my DS i had very long cycles so it was always ages until i got a high, i had to use all 20 sticks to get there, however some ladies dont get a peak on thier first go with it x
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