OMG, im excited, nervous and confused - UPDATE -

Ok girls, some of you will remember me ranting about my first period after a chem pregnancy being late! Today I am 18 days late and after several BFN I 've just got my BFP! I'm so excited but so nervous too! Also I have no idea when I ovulated or how far along I am! I started bleeding on 30 th oct with a chem pregnancy so counted that as CD1! On the 22nd dec I have some spotting, only a bit of red blood when I wipped once and since then naff all! Any ideas how far along I might be girls! Oh I can't believe the mixed emotions I'm having! Looks like a good way to start a monday morning to me though! Xxx

UPDATE! Well girls as suggested I tested this morning with a CBD test which said PREGNANT 2-3! Woo hoo! Says on packet that it means that I'm 4-5 weeks pregnant, still not sure when this means my EDD would be so if anyone could shed some light for me! I have to hope that this time things will be ok! I lost my little boy at 20 weeks in june and had a chem preg last month! Also I will be getting an early scan at about 6 weeks, if the 6 weeks counted from day of last period or from when they think you ovulated? Would rather wait a bit longer so that hopefully I can see a heartbeat! Xxx

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