CD12 and AF still here

Hi girls,

Does anyone else have these super long periods? My cycles are only 25-26 days at the moment as well so I don't stand a chance of getting a baby! :evil::\?:cry::\(:x:roll:

Loads of babydust sprinkled on us all!

Wannabubba xx


  • Hey huni im sorry to hear that it must be a nightmare for you image Have you spoke to your g.p about it ? sorry im not any help but didnt want to r&r!! Good luck though and hopefully you will gey your bfp v. soonimage x
  • Thanks for replying mummy2.5, bless you. I went to the docs last week and am waiting for blood test results for underactive tyroid and FSH and LH. Waiting for the results is driving me crazy so thought someone here might have an idea. WB x
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