Far TMI!!

Really sorry to have to ask/tell you all this!

Have just collected some pee in a pot to do an opk strip and there was "stuff" floating about in it - i don't even know how to describe it, looked like tiny bits of cotton wool maybe (one was about a cm long but half cm across though). Does anybody else have this?!?! as for the opk only the control line has come up, no sign at all of the test line :roll:

Am on cd19 on a normal 34 day cycle so would have expected to ov now/soon
- and i've never had any ewcm :\(



  • hey didnt want to r&r im not really sure, but i do know urine isnt always perfectly clear, if it is cloudy/smelly could be a uti, if not could simply be cm..dont worry xx
  • Sounds to me like normal discharge. It's slightly more viscose than water so congeals when it's in water. Nothing to worry about at all. As for the OPK, maybe you left it in the sample for too long? HTH x
  • oooh, i didn't know it mattered if you left it in too long. think i left it for about 20 seconds to be sure as know it says min of 10 x
  • Hey Hunny,

    I sometimes have 'stuff' floating in my pee too. I mentioned it to my mum (as you do :lol: ) and she told me not to worry about it so I never have. I think Gemsie is right and its just normal discharge.

    Don't worry about the neg OPK, there's still time for your +'ve yet. If you can it might be worth doing 2 tomorrow if you don't already. One mid morning (not FMU) and another late afternoon. I've only used them once and was concerned because my +'ve was never as dark as the control line and was advised to do 2 a day but it seemed easier to get a CBFM so I did image xx
  • I had this the past few days, I just assumed it was normal discharge, especailly since I'm ov'ing at the minute. I'm sure it's nothing to worry about xx
  • hiya, i've had "stuff" in my wee before and didn'tr worry about it. on the leafet for my opks it says to let it settle before using it so i'm guessing it happens a lot!
    my opks usually don't have a line at all until i ov and then its not actually darker than the control line (i know this doesn't mean i'm ovulating accurding to the leaflet but as its such a distinct difference i take that as a positive!) also if you have 34 day cycles you should ov around cd20 so it should be soon but nothing to worry about that it hasn't happened yet
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