you know i had a one day period? Well guess what!..

I posted on Sunday that I was out this month as period had started. Over 24 hours I used just 3 tampons and a sanitary towel (nothing on that over night) and had browny/pinky period that stopped on Monday. It was about 7 or so days post ov i think and as I have short cycles thought was period as was due to start this day.
However as it stopped i thought this was odd and started wondering if i could be pregnant. I saved my fmu (locked in bathroom cab until came home from work) and tested witht a first response early test and on my own watched as it became a BFP!! The line is not very dark but I don't need to squint or even hold it up to the light etc. Smiled to myself had a little cry then had to leave to get little one from nursery.
Told hubby when he got home and we still can't quite believe it. In fact I am a little concerned that it may have been a miscarriage but would i still get a bfp 2 days after? In fact more think about more am worried. WIll test again tmw and then next week with a clear blue digital to make sure. Excited but all a little played down as still not sure.
Feel very selfish posting this especially as only 2/3 cycles into trying and know others been trying much longer, so sorry if that upsets people but I wish everyone the very best and pray that this little one stays put x x x


  • hi hun it all sounds good even with the bleeding. but it could also be an early mc. i had + preg tests after a bleed though mine lasted for a few days. 5 weeks later still getting + tests but a scan confirmed that the baby had not developed but my womb still thought it was pregnant and the placenta was continuing to grow as normal. this was classed as a sielnt mc. 9 weeks later i fell pregnant again and at 6 weeks i had a bleed which only lasted one day i thought it would all be bad news again but a scan showed my bean growing and it had a heartbeat. he is now a healthy 10 month olds. so it could go either way. my fingers are more than crossed that yours sticks hun x
  • Woooooooooooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooo!! Sounds like a BFP to me hun!!!
    Huge congratulations to you!!!! Really hope this is a sticky bean. Everything crossed for you!! x x x
  • Hi hun, am going through a similar scenario do you have a pic of your faint BFP?? I have just tested again tonight but not with fmu, still getting crampy feelings and was still getting blood when I wiped fri, sat, sun, mon, tues its just stopped today but am having cm still yellowy colour now.

    Would be interesting to find out am going spare at the moment LW posted some pics on my thread for me but its only a v.v. faint line but to me I saw it after 1 min when I tested.

    Congrats hun xxx
  • Congratulations hon. Keep the PMA; a lot of women bleed in early pregnancy and go on to have healthy babies (I was one of them!). Enjoy your BFP and if you're worried test again in a couple of days, the line should be darker. And there's always your gp.

    Congrats again x
  • Thanks all
    It was only really brown stuff and never got any wiped just if i felt (sorry!) and only on and off for 24 hrs. Am a little concerned that had early mc and have now lost it but when i had a chem preg a few yrs ago I had a bfp follwed by a bfn the day after and then a week long bleed so just hoping this was implantation bleed or something equally innocent.
    The line was very obvious on the test (not sure how to upload pics) and as said no quinting needed and it came up about a minute into waiting time. AM about 11/12 days post ov i think.
    Will test again tmw and Fri but keep your fingers crossed ladies x x x
  • Congrats huni, please try not to worry to much,hard i know.I bleed early on also thought it was af but then went on to have a very healthy pregnancy and baby! Dont feel guitly either as you deserve this BFP as much as any other woman ttc. Its your time enjoy your moment and find that pma xxxxx
  • Congrats hun, take care xx
  • when i was pregnant i had the exact same type of bleed, i thought it was af and even posted on here that i was out for the month. but a day later it had stopped and i got my bfp. i now have a very happy and healthy (and beautiful!!) 7 month old daughter. try not to worry (easier said than done i know!)
    lisa xxx
  • congrats hun xxxxx
  • Wow, congratulations. I think because you were checking internally you can safely say you have your BFP (and like others have said some women can bleed quite a lot during pregnancy anyway and go on to deliver healthy babies). Go forth to due in december!! I hope I'll be joining you but don't have much hope x
  • congrats hun! well done! xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Thanks all.
    Did another first response test this morning and it is a little darker so I am being cautiously optimistic. I have bought a clear blue conception indicator (although know when conceived) and will take tmw although am nervous in case is still too early and there is no postitive result.
  • Good luck for tomorrow hun, hope you get the desired result xx
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