Unsure if ovulating and when to POAS

Have been tcc since april, but have pretty short cycles 22 days for the last 3 months but with spotting about 3-4 days b4 AF. Just not sure if I actually ov. I hav'nt really been doing any symptom spotting for ov signs like pain or EWCM, but can't say I distinctly remember haing any either. Am now on CD5, and have got some cheapy OV sticks off ebay, just not sure when to start using them or what to be looking out for.
I just feel that if I'm not ovulating then it's all a waste of time and every month is gunna be a huge disappointment. I hate the way you feel so let down when AF hits.
Do any of you guys know if it's likely that you do still OV even with such a short cycle??
Just feeling really down about the whole thing and am sure every time I leave the house so do all the local pregnant population, just so I see them at every turn. xx



  • I think you are meant to use them daily, I am sure someone will confirm. I haven't used them personally x Try not to feel down, I know it is hard my sister and best mate are 6 months pg so I have it constantly!
  • Why do my replies not show!
  • Great now they all want to show! Sorry!
  • Hi, you use them for your fertile week. So with a 22 day cycle those will be anywhere from CD 8-12. Start using then about CD 6 or 7 I would say. hth xx
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