How long did it take you to conceive?

Hi All,

This is my first post here, recently married and currently trying for a baby.

My lovely new husband wants a baby, but is set against an August baby which would be what we would have if I conceived right now. Which I feel is unlikely as it's the first month of trying. (He thinks they have it harder in School, despite us both having friends born from June - August who are did VERY well in school) -

Silly Hubby seems to think we are sure to be super fertile and that if we try for a baby we are going to get pregnant straight away - I am a little more realistic and think it will be a least 3-4 months even if we are lucky.

I've spent today showing him articles to put his mind at rest, but I would be really grateful if you could share with me from when you started trying how many months it was until you where expecting. Even if you did get pregnant straight away!

Thank you in advance! XXXXXXXX


  • Hi there,

    We started TTC July 2008 (yes 08 not 09 lol) and have yet to see a BFP!

    Good luck for when you do start TTC x
  • hi
    didn't want to read and run
    but perhaps you should post this in pg as well
    I am on month 4 now, many people here have been trying for longer though.

    if you just came of pill it'll probably take a while to get back to normal so that could slow things down

    good luck ttc...and in case it takes a while your OH won't mind any more when your child might be get so desperate after a while that you don't care...
  • This will be my first month, but I wasn't on the pill so should be fine in terms of readiness.

    I agree, you can't really choose when they come - My siblings and I were all little surprises! (Surprises my mum loves and adores of course).

    Plus I have friends who have struggled to conceive, where as he doesn't so I don't think he understands how each month we get a negative how disappointing it will be.

    Wishing you all lots of luck
  • I fell pregnant with my first 2 straight away, much to my husband's disgust, he wanted to spend more time "practising"! It took 3 months with my 3rd but I was still breastfeeding at the time.
  • LOL Romy - I think that might be another reason why my Hubby is worried I might get pregnant straight away!
  • well with my first i finished my pill 28th feb and had a BFP 29th March - so straight away, currently ttc no2 and its been 5 months with no luck yet xx
  • With my son got BFP 4 weeks after stoped the pill image

    i am ttc #2 and on month 15 image

    Good Luck xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • I was ttc for 8months before got bfp, but I had come off the pill after 12yrs on it, and had a 3month gap with no pg and no AF in there. Then MC'd at 8 weeks and currently ttc'ing again on month 2.

    I think the stats say approx 30% of women will conceive on first cycle trying don't they?
  • hi, well when i came off the pill it took a year to get into a normal cycle. All in all it took me 19 months to concieve my son, and i am now on month 7 of ttc with my second x
  • It took us about 18 months, Had a 'wait and see approach for about the first 6 or 7 then we got serious with opks, cbfm etc.

    Good luck!

    K 18+1
  • I was very lucky and conceived after 2 months ttc.

    My baby is due in July next year. I've read posts about this before but feel that if the child has educational toys and is encouraged to play, is read to and is encouraged to ask questions and has those questions answered appropriately it has as much chance as any other to do well at school. A child naturally has the instinct to learn, I feel its down to the parent to develop this.

    Good luck


  • it took us 17 months to concieve, i dont live in England and our school year ends at the end of June and to be honest i must agree with your hubby, i was a June baby and struggled to keep up with the July and August kids [just the way our school year works] and if i hadnt of fell pregnant when i did i would have stopped ttc for 2-3 months just to pass this window as it does seem to set the kids back in an unfair advantage. My sister is a head of department teacher and she says you can clearly pick out the kids from the start of the shool year until the end of it, i suppose it depends on the child too but i know from my own experiance that it took me to get to secondary school to catch up and my family is full of teachers and i was a straight A&B student by the time i left. x
  • hu, we came off pill and were pregnant 4 weeks later. like romy my husband was a little peeved that we didnt get more practising but very proud of what he called his "super sperm".lol. this time we are on month
  • It took us 6 months to get our BFP xx
  • in total it took us 9 month xx
  • I am on cycle 3 but month 6 as i had 4 months after first stopping the pill before my first AF arrived. x
  • I got my BFP last week (LOVE saying that!) and it was our 6th cycle TTC.
    I had one random long cycle though where we totally missed ovulation, so i guess that makes it 5 cycles of date-accurate ttc

  • My DD was the result of an upsi - very much a suprise BFP!
    My DS took 4 months with a MC @ month 3.

  • it took us 11 months to concieve but 6 cycles as they were very long after coming off the pill,

  • It took us 10 months to conceive. I couldn't have cared less when baby would be due, as each month that passed made me realise how precious a child would be, and its due date was so irrelevant!

    Good luck

    MG 19+ 2
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