Worried about lack of EWCM.....

Hi Ladies,

Am due to OV in the next couple of days (on CD14 today) but my CM is only of a watery consistency and I never seem to get EWCM. Should I be worried?

I used Preseed for the first time last month and have been using it again to see if it helps.

Am taking Pregnacare Conception tablets and drinking a glass of grapefruit juice each day to see if that helps with the EWCM.

I'm worried that the lack of EWCM is going to prevent me from getting my BFP!



  • Hey sweetie, didn't want to r&r, but I've been worrying too (not great for ttc). I have had very little this month, and what I ave had has been watery, but I think as long as its not creamy/sticky then we're ok! xxx
  • Thanks for the reply cass82 - lets hope the watery stuff does the trick then! xx
  • I've read of lots of people worrying about no EWCM and still getting BFP so try not to worry. Have you tried the cough medicine thing? xx
  • Guys - I hardly had any ECWM and still got my BFP!! We're all different, so don't panic. We did use Preseed, so can recommend that! Good luck.
    H 8+1
  • many women does actually produce enough EWCM to show up in knickers or toilet roll,i do get EWCM but usually 2 days before i ov'd with my CBFM

    looks like your doing all you can to help the swimmers with the preseed but alo remember too much can be of harm also and produce more ewcm with your pink grapefruit tho chick x
  • I never seemed to get it much and only ever had it a few days before AF was due. I'm now 8 weeks pregnant so i wouldn't worry too much about it!
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