Is there any hope?

I am due AF on Wednesday ov on CD20 so 14 days later is CD35 on Wednesday. CD33 today and 12DPO did a cb test not the digital one today and not with fmu and got a bfn!!!!! Do you think I am out or should I still have hope?are cb test very sesentive or not? Never used them before. With last pg I only got a faint bfp when three days late. Do you think I am just to early? Still . What do you think any chance of a bfp later on?:\?


  • Ive heard girls get a few bfns and then when they are 3-4 days late got their bfp so dont think youre out of the running yet hun x Maybe pop into pregnancy forum and ask the same question as im sure i saw the girls in there discussing this exact thing xx Good luck and babydust xx
  • There's always hope..... If you want it you can have it one way or another, just try to relax and enjoy trying, if you've been ttc for over 6mnths then go have a chat with your doc, I'm 24 and have never been careful and never been cought out, had 21 day bloods and it seems I don't always ovulate but since gaining a little weight and becoming so much happier in the last 7 months iv definately ovulated the last two cycles image
    good luck and it will happen!
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