Where are my cycle buddies? CD23,24,25

Who is on cd 23, 24 or 25?
Lets compare notes,
Im not sure if I have OV yet and dont know when af is here. EWCM seems to have gone so I guess now its a waiting game. Had a few symptoms but not sure if its in my head.
How are you girls getting on with ttc this month?
xxx fiona xxx


  • i'm on cd23.
    Not really sure if i've ov'd, but think i did at the weekend?!
    No symptoms really other than bit wet down below. Got a stinking cold coming thou too so feeling rough in general!
  • I have a rotten cold too, have had it for nearly a week so im over the worst of it but cant seem to shift it.
    Think I have sore (.)(.) but dont know if im imagining it.
    How long are your cycles hun? xxx
  • That is a very good question so far they have been

    30 (bfp)
    46 (after mc)
    56 last cycle

    So i have no idea hoping the agnus castus has helped this month and if i did ov at the weekend i'm 5/6 dpo so could b on track for a shorter cycle!
    Fingers crossed saw (.)(.) are a good sign!

  • I cant help but have absolutely no PMA, where has it gone? I've always been in short supply but being in month 6 is stressful. I know we havent done it this month x
    Hope we both have shorter cycles hun xx
  • hi girls - cd24!
    think i ov'd earlier this mth cd 12? noticed ewcm days 10 & 11. but no +on opk all mth
    dont think we've done it this mth as no real symptoms!
    think boobs are slightly tender but could be af
    feel quite bloated but again could be af or just that i need to lose weight!!
    been using ttc as excuse for weight creeping up - but no more!!!
    went back to the gym last night and feel really good for it today so hopefully going to keep it up, lose a bit of weight and be fighting fit for next mth!!!
    i do beleive AC works i've used it for 2 mths now, waiting to see if cycle is shorter this mth, should be if i ov'd when i think i did but will need to wait!!!

    good luck girls!!!
  • I think Ill start using AC next month.
    I too have been bloated but I have also put on some weight so think its that and Im wondering if the tender (.)(.) are af on her way? The weight has been creeping up on me too since ttc and I need to stop. Im writing this and i feel so emotional, I dont know why, well i sort of do its because this ttc lark is so god damn difficult its stressing me out. I feel so fed up I want to cry but cant. sorry girls this post is so depressing x
  • fiona
    don't apologise, your entitled to down days!!!
    i have down days and we're only on mth 3 ttc, so can totally understand!!
    ttc is a stressful thing, thats why i've decided to focus on losing weight for the mth ahead, at least i have some control over that unlike ttc it feels!!
    i'm hoping with something else to focus on the time may pass quicker and i won't be so obsessed about it!!

    and like they always say, its not over till af arrives!!!
  • thanks danipink, i feel like I have no control over losing weight either, when im down i eat so its a ficous (sp?) cycle. Im normally good for 2 days then start eating chocolate for a 3 days then good again. think i need to get out ive been stuck indoors for 6 days because of rotten cold and crappy weather. I think I have got to the point where I feel totally fed up from these twingy pains in abdomen and thinking I have sore bbs when i prob dont ahhhhhhhhhhhh
  • maybe a good walk in the rain will do you good, or retail therapy???
    i think i've started getting cramp this afternoon so looks like af is def on her way!!! maybe i should listen to some of my own advice!!!!
    maybe we should start a weight lose thread!! i'm sure we're not the only ones feeling this way!!!
    think i will start it off and see how it goes, i do better with losing weight when i'm not doing it on my own!!!
  • Bit of a lurker but post occasionally and felt the moral support over the next week would be nice image

    I'm on day 23 and totally symptom spotting too. We're only on month 3 ttc but some days it physically hurts thinking about much I want a baby so I know exactly how you all feel. I am 7/8 dpo, how soon do you think I can test? x
  • hi day dreamer
    i'm on mth 3 ttc as well, i try not to test early as can't face the disappointment but if your cycles are regular then you could test at 10 dpo prob weekend?
    i would try and hold off as long as you can!!!
    let us know how how you get on?
  • wouldnt mind a weight loss thread but will people be ok with saying their weight?. i dont mind too much but dont want to say when noone else is willing to. I'll be going out tomoro anyway, taking lo to toddlers to help out x
  • Im not meant to be symptom spotting either but have been and i feel so stupid too cos i know im on pg and af will catch me.
    I have been getting a few aches between armpits and bbs
    Achy twinges in abdomen
    Really tired in the mornings (more than usual)
    Weeing more but then I drink water all day
    And before today was getting an awful lot of ewcm for 2wks

    But as you know that means nothing and its all in my head x
  • I don't really have any symptoms, is that better or worse!!?? I have had a few twinges but that could just be my IBS and keep imagining my boobs hurt when I don't think they actually do!! ttc makes us a little crazy it seems! x
  • SB -I am on cd25 too and ov'd cd18.

    the main symptons I have had (aren't good)
    some cramps(same as last month)
    slight migranes (ditto)
    not sure if feeling a bit sickly (but probably just my imagine) taste hasn't changed though/
    Am a bit tired - but I think that's normal for the week before.
    cm - has reduced now, but just moist now.
    No sore boobs

    If things are like last month, I should be spotting tomorrow and Friday and then full on Saturday.

    But for some reason, my pma is still hoping my af won't come, but who am I kidding with all the symptons above.

  • Hi, i am on cd24. Last month i had a 26 day cycle so hoping for the same again or a BFP obviously!!!
    Symptons are increased cm and sick feeling in morning and night but nothing else. Got a BFN Mon and today so testing again on Fri if i can resist tomorrow!!
  • good luck everyone, lets hope all this symptom spotting isnt in our heads! x
  • ooh SB sounds promising
  • Hiya, Im on cd23 too!

    Not sure how long this one will be had a 34,35,50 last time!!

    Think I only just ov'd had sore boobies and ov pain last few days! But doubt I'll be pg if Im right hubby's away! Boo!!!!

    So prob onto month 6 eventually. Im fed up too! x
  • Uh oh think af is on her way im getting slight af cramps and only on cd24. I just know she'll be here in the morning x boo hoo x
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