when do i ovulate and when should i be testing?

hi everyone

i have a 35 day cycle at the longest, but sometimes only 31 days.

my last AF was 1st January, so when is it ok to test? i have tested today (see my other post) and got a weird horizontal line so dont think that meant anything. my period is due this friday, going by 35 days cycle...but the test i had said you can test 4 days early...could it still be too early though. (it was superdrug own brand, not clear blue)

i have felt so sick for past 2-3 days and actually was sick on saturday. i never feel sick with period, although i do have sore boobs , but i get that sometimes with period.

we werent really trying (this would be no. 3) but we havent really been using anything either (althoughjust the pulling out method lol) so we would be happy to have another, but i just need to know!!!


  • ov is hard to determine for everyone i have a 30/31 day cycle...ish hasnt made up its mind yet and sometimes is 35/36/40 up to 45 lol but i ov later anywhere from cd 19-25 and thats with me using the CBFM

    i no most tests say you can test from 4 days early but some do also say from a missed period,so always best to read small print chick incase it means that way

    i would wait and test after friday if i were you tho,but i no how hard that is to wait for lol

    lets hope you being sick is a symptom good luck on testing again xx
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