Do i or dont i?

Im on CD30 after coming off my pill, i have already done 2 test which were BFN... but AF still havent arrived. With all these BFP today, seems like a lucky day, shall i take a risk and test or wait longer?


  • Oh i know how u feel! I tested yesterday after af being due on sat bfn! Want to test again but know theres no point as need to wait im gonna try not to test untill the weekend! Lets try to be strong together till at least wednesday! xx
  • Hi Clarkie... right we have a deal if we really cant wait until say sunday? then we will test thursday? what do you think?

  • Ok cool we have a deal! Anytime u feel u wanna test just post and ill stop u and ill do the same so u can stop me! Hope it will be bfp for us otherwise we must be broken! image xx
  • I know it is hard but the longer you wait with no AF the better the chance of BFP. Be strong girlies! Keep us posted x
  • 2ZE we will ill post as soon as i know, keep feeling sick everyday its not bad and never been sick but had it since the sat before last! So will have to go to the docs after this week if no af and no bfp as cant keep feeling sick! Hows your tummy now? x
  • I've joined you on this thread girls - hope you don't mind! I'm on day 28 of a 27 day cycle and am normally so-o-o regular. BFN on Saturday with first response and BFN today with a shitty Predictor test. No sign of af yet and stomach cramps are subsiding. I have a banging headache today.

    I have one test left at home (First Response) and will do it on Thursday with you girlies if af doesn't show up. How rubbish is this???


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  • Of course we dont mind! Its so frustrating just want to know either way really, I had a few cramps on sat and that kinda of period headache but nothing came! No cramps today but nipples sore and feeling sicky, have a slight headache today. Gonna try to hold out till sunday but i bet we cant and end up testing on thursday! xxx
  • Oh - Sunday seems like such a long way off. I'm trying not to drink tea which is prob why I have a headache - caffeine withdrawals!
  • Good luck girls.
  • Thank you! I think we need it! I think we'll all cave in and test thursday i always have good ideas about waiting to test but always end up testing early! x
  • Come on girlies we can do this (i will read this statement on thursday to remind myself lol)
    I am such a looser, i even rubbed my belly early as if i was pregnant.... this my body is just muckingme around... can your hair greasier when you are pregnant?

  • that is really wierd you have said that!!! greasy hair thing... my hair is normally washed every day every other but the last week or so it has been looking like i never wash it!! oh suggested changing shampoo, but i am convinced its not becasue i need to change shampoo.. xx how strange x
  • how strange.. i thought i was jsut making stuff up. I was my hair every morning and when i get home from work it looks ucky and DH said the other night 'did you not wash your hair today smells greasy' thanks babe lol!! I have changed shampoo but still the same... very odd.. think i might google it later

  • yes i have just googled it and yes can be a sign!! Pregnancy/week 11.aspx

    ummmmmmm... knowing my luck it wont be pg, i just developed greasy hair!! lolxx ;\)
  • Oooooo Just having a read . . . . x
  • Hey girls - are you still holding on???

    No proper af for me yet. Had the slightest watery, brown spotting yesterday and a tiny bit today but had this a week or so ago too. My head is still thumping and my throat hurts. Hair is not greasy though!

    Just have a feeling it'll be a BFN when I test later in the week then I'll have to traipse to the doctor!

  • Im holding out quite well! OH wants me to test tmw but will try to convice him to hold on! No sign of af yet, had some cramps and feeling emotional yesterday eve but nothing now! I think mine to will be bfn xx
  • Hi Girls... Im still holding out, have a huge feeling deep down its a BFN so trying to keep positive. I have done really well today, this is the first time i have logged on since this morning.. how good am i.

    I had spotting like that last week weegie, only lasted a day, im hoping it could have been implantation bleeding (wishful thinking!)

    Think you should hold out at least until thursday clarkie!! BE STRONG you can do, where here to help you!!

  • Well done girls you held out, thats one day closer!
  • I must hold out its my oh who cant! Ive had no spotting or anything! Just the symptoms i described before! Although my nausea is more like indegestion and feels all acidy burny feeling xx
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