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implant bleed how long after bd?

hi i finished af a couple of weeks ago and oh and i bd and today i have had a little dark spotting (tmi sorry) i was just wondering if this was an implant bleed i never had one of these with my girls so if anyone has had an implant bleed how long after bd was it thanks


  • Implantation bleed happens usually between 6 and 12DPO but can depend on your cycle. Gems xx
  • it can happen at any time,my first pregnancy i had a implantion bleed at 7dpo and it lasted for 5 days,my second pregnancy i had a fresh bleed at 7wks pregnant which lasted for a day and the doctorrs said it could have been implantion

  • grr af has got me again looks like my cycles havent returned to normal yet cant wait to start ttc number 3 image
  • Hello, 
    Can anyone help me? 
    I am trying to conceive but I have pcod. Irregular periods. 30 march morning I noticed ovulation symptoms and 29 march night we had sex. 3rd April I got some pinkish spotting then it got brownish. I consume a well cooked egg that morning to confirm periods  But bleeding remain light. Still It's not very heavy. It's my 4th day of this spotting. 

    What should I consider it?  I don't have any other symptoms yet except tiredness.
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