Where is everyone?


Is anyone out there????????????????

*Waits and listens for response*



  • Still sunbathing, maybe? image oh ive just had an image from the titanic, u sound like the bloke looking for survivours when the ships gone down!
  • hehe!! it has been quiet on here all day!!


  • Hahah woomummy i can see him now, the one with a beard and a torch?

    You're right immense it's been very very quiet today. I've been quite lonely :cry:

  • I'm here! Having such a lovely day - hiccups, sunburnt arms and having to sit and watch my cat lick her punani for the last 20-mins!!!
  • Sounds like my cat Joo!! She must have been extremely dirty today - she has done nothing but eat and clean!!


  • I've been here.... xx
  • My cat has just spent day leaping after flies.

    Any sign of AF Joo? Mine is still AWOL image
  • Yep thats the one!!! Ive popped on a few times but its been so quiet hasnt it!!! Im in a dilema so may as well share!! Going by ewcm i thought i ov'ed 2wks this weds....ive kept doing opks as not sure where i am since mc....yesterday i had an almost positive and today its gone light again, but ive had no ewcm....now i have a stitchy pain and feel achey...so mb im oving now...god damn body i havent a clue what its doing!!
  • Absolutely NO sign at all ladydonut!
    Felt a bit sick earlier - hubby and I keep saying I wonder if I am. Still trying not to get my hopes up but so hard. I'm never late and I've not had a 26day cycle in months now. Still only 12DPO too.
    But I just know I'm setting myself up for disappointment by getting excited!!!
  • Unless your pg? OPK can double up as HPT sometimes? Ooooh you're gonna have to POAS for us now!!

  • I am here too.
  • I am on CD30 but having a funny feeling i might have ov later this month which is a bummer as we only bd up to CD16. Previous months i have ov on CD12 or CD14.

    Haven't had too many symptoms apart from heartburn which is madness, i've never had heartburn unless i go for big meal out! It;s yucky heartburn too, makes me feel all sick when i get it.

  • Hi emzyv, how was your day? Do you have a cat? x
  • I don't have a cat but i have a really cute dog. She has had a lovely day sun bathing. The weather has been amazing today.
  • I've been popping on all day but there was no one around when I was(mustve been stinky after all the gardening!!!) I have 2 cats and whilst I was putting lo to bed the fridge must have been slightly open and they pinched leftover beef burgers that I was going to eat tomorrow. Bet the old one is sick later!!!!
  • My dogs have just been barking at anyone and everyone going past the window! xx
  • Im not aloud a cat...mrwoodaddy is allergic, although ive tried my hardest to get one...cant understand why he wont put up with running eyes and a tight chest...selfish i think lol!

    Il test on weds and see what happens then...although just helped mrwoodaddy ahem tidy the shed in the garden ..just in case!!!!:lol:

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  • Ohhhh woomummy you should soooo test now!!! I am a bad influence arnt i........

    Ahhhhh i think you OH should let you have a kitty, he would just have to stay out of it's way!!! :lol:

  • hi im glad there are some people here! ive been popping on since about 2pm and not really caught anyone here. so im guessibng everyones oh are watching the footy?
    i think you shu]ould be allowed a cat,but saying that im not allowed a dog either coz we both work all day and it wouldnt be fair oin the dog according to my hubby.
    ladydonut: i think you should poas as hurtburn was my only symton when i had my daughter,well that and a missed af!
    so are you lot going to go and test? im dying to know and get sonme more bfp's!
  • Hello iwantanotherpls (hehe that was a mouthful think i will just call you i.w.a.p. :lol: )

    I POAS this morning with a FR and got a grotty BFN. My AF is either 1 or 2 days late unless i ov later so am gonna POAS tues if no AF??

    Was your heartburn after certain foods or just random? I have had it on and off since last night and i havent been bingeing or anything!!!

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