Will my cycle be normal? ....

I am waiting in my 1st period after coming off pill (altho i obv dont want it to come! lol!!), and i am just wondering if my cycle will be the same as when i was on the pill? I had a 28 day cycle on it, so if i was still on it, id be due 14th/15th, should i expect it then still?


  • Hi xxMrsJohnstonexx

    Normally your cycles wont be regular but you could be a lucky one coz its the pill that controls your cycle, whereas your body will be doing it on its own and when its ready.
    Although my 1st cycle was 28 days after my withdrawal bleed, I then went to have a 76 day cycle and ive never had a 28 day cycle ever again, its all over the place.
    Ive been off the pill 12 months now and the trouble is with cycles all over the place, you never know when you have missed your AF, so never know when to test! hehe



  • Hi hun

    Its really hard to guess once you have your withdrawal bleed you just need to wait for your proper af (count the days inbetween) to give you a rough idea of your cycle length.

    You could be one of the lucky ones, good luck

  • Hi huni i was only on the pill for 3 months but when i came off it i had a little bleed then everything went back to normal but thats just me not sure if everyone is the same. Good luck !! x
  • Thanks girls, im hoping that it will be the same which will make me due mon/tue so i know wether to test. How confusing lol x
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