FAO MPP & *me*

Hi lovely ladies,

I just wanted to check in with you both and see how you're getting on? MPP any more faint postives? I've been keeping my fingers crossed for you!

I had my 12 weeks scan today and all is well, I'm actually 13+1 and EDD is 2nd of Dec so things going quite well so far.

Hoping to see you both in DI... real soon! image xxxx


  • Hi hon g/c - *me* has just got married so is on her honeymoon at the minute - and from what I remember she's due to ov near the end of it image so we're hoping for a honeymoon bubba for her. Wont hear from her for a while though!!

    Congrats on the scan, so glad everything is going well for you :\)
  • Hiya Becky, Glad scan went well. Hows the symptoms?

    Had quite a few faint lines and got a false positive on FRER. It appeared straight away at 20secs after urine went along the stick and within 5 minutes it vanished.

    Started spotting and it seems like my AF now so had a chat with hubby and he wants me to stay off BE for a while, which i agree with, i need to calm down. It is very hard seeing all these BFP's i feel ever so pressurised and i keep thinking im pg every minute. We are going to take things easy for now and do SMEP, the 2-3 day thing. I was really convinced id done it, ive had enough now, its stressing me out and hubby can see it.

  • Ah mpp that's such a nightmare! Really had my fingers crossed for you! Never know it's not over till she arrives!
    I totally understand where your coming from on this site consuming everything and putting things in your head! I got to the same point a few months ago! All the bfp's for people on there first months got too hard and I felt so depressed!

    Hope you don't stay away too long will miss our little talks!!!
    It's our anniversary tomorrow! Cannot believe how fast the year has gone!

    Hope your ok Hun! We're all here if you need to talk

  • Oh hi-ya Garfield, thank you! And thanks for letting me know about *me*, I remember now.... she was a fellow bride2be from YAYW, my turn in 4 weeks! How is everything with you?

    MPP I wholeheartedly understand your OH, it can be a good thing but also bad! I'm so sorry you're having a bad time at the mo, but maybe a little break from this pressure will really help. I've heard so many stories of women who put so much pressure on themselves to then just relax and boom there it is. I can also completely recommend acupuncture, if you can give it a try! I'm sure it helped me and it relaxed me so much. Would love to stay in touch, if you're on FB maybe?! Although I understand if maybe that's a connection to BE you don't need. I wish you all the best with it Hun, it'll be your time soon xxxxxx
  • hiya,

    I couldnt stay away long, thanks for your support though, i do appreciate it.
    I ended up getting myself a new pair of shoes and i feel a little better. :lol: Ive started a new topic with a picture of them amongst other weird shoes!

    I completely forgot about acupuncture, Ill find out if anywhere does it in my town. Im going to start relaxing but how do we do it? Its impossible to stop thinking about it. It sounds silly but you know what i mean :\)

    Im on FB too, would be great to stay in touch, i will pop in and out of BE a few times anyway just to check on people and maybe make the occasional post.


  • Hi MPP! Good on you, a bit of retail therapy always helps. I'll have a peek when I've posted.

    I know what you mean. Everyone says you must relax but how?!? Well I do have to say that acupuncture did actually help me to relax! It's relaxing in itself but it also made me feel that I was doing something to help prepare my body, taking control sort of thing. They recommend it for IVF patients so there must be something in it! Maybe give it a try !

    I'm Becky Beecroft on FB and my profile pic is me and my H2b if you want to add me I'd love to be your 'friend'

    Hope you're feeling better now Hun xxxxx
  • LOVE the shoes xxxx
  • Hiya,

    :lol; I just couldnt imagine myself with needles all over me. How does it work? To relax you i mean. It sounds painful.

    Shoes are great arent they. They are weird and wonderful at the same time.

    Im gonna add ya now, I just signed in, nothing interesting about so just signed out.
    My profile pictue is of me on my pole upside down ;\) , Just incase you think its some random pole dancer adding you, :lol:, Its only me!

  • Hi Becky, yeah I'm fine. Only 4 weeks?! Wow, you must be excited!! Wedding and a baby image

    I'm just riding the waves of feeling sick and so tired its unreal, but loving it at the same time! lol. MPP I fully understand; I wasn't on BE the month I conceived as internet was playing up and then I was ill but I honestly believe it helped as it made me more relaxed, not seeing all those other BFPs. And I didn't sit and stress about the 2WW either, as we'd only BD'd once and then I got the flu! Suppose it was a stressful month in itself anyway... never mind!!

    You can't leave forever though MPP as I will really really miss you!!! You've been a lifeline to me on here!!!!

    A mate of mine has acupuncture for her bad back -she expected it to really hurt but done right it really helps her relax; she's fallen asleep a couple of times during it!! And she is so flexible afterwards (most days she struggles to get up off the sofa!) So I'd definitely say go for it!!

    Did I miss a pic of some shoes?!?!?!

    Kel & Button (5+4) xxx
  • :lol: Dont worry im not going anywhere. :\) I only lasted a day, hehe.
    Ive just started to accept that my time will come when its ready.
    Hubby told me he was browsing on the net whilst i was at work and he was looking up ways of getting pregnant and i found that so sweet. 1st time hes ever seemed so interested, i know its something he really wants now.

    So im looking forward to the day i see those 2 lines. :\)

  • Grr BE ate my post again! It's annoying now....

    Oh MPP you made me laugh... about the pole that is. I quite often get randomn pole dancers requesting me as friends ha ha image

    Well I have to say I couldn't see it myself at 1st but honestly the neeldes are so small you don't feel a thing. Once you get over the initial "there's neeldes sticking out of my belly" thing then honestly it's so relaxing and I often fell asleep! I can't recommend it enough!

    Pleased you didn't leave us for long. And I know you're time is just round the corner, and you know what they say never argue with a pregnant lady so I'm clearly right!

    Yep 3 weeks tomorror Garfield! And I had my 1st dress fitting on Saturday and it is WAY too small! They're trying to take it out as much as possible so I've got to hope and pray it works!

    Sorry to hear you're not doing too good. I'm 14 weeks tomorrow and I feel fine, if it wasn't for my bump I wouldn't know I was pregnant so there's hope honey xxxx
  • Oh soz garfield i missed the last part you said about missing my shoes. I was a zombie last night and didnt feel like myself.



    Bet your well excited, dress fittings were so exciting especially the day you could finally take your dress home. Mine is still hanging up on the wall in my 2nd bedroom, with my veil hanging on it, I havent touched it since.

    Hubby had the cheek to ask me if im going to sell it, Im told him where to go!image


  • Yip 3 weeks, eek!!!!

    Well yes it would have been but unfortunately not image I'd been SO looking forward to it, got there and it didn't fit over my bump so there was tears! Just got to hope and pray they can adjust it enough!!!

    What a cheeky hubby, I told mine I'd sleep with my dress and he could sleep on the sofa ha ha xxxx
  • Hi G/C hope you dont mind, would love to be added on facebook as a friend so I can keep in touch with you all if ever am not on here.

    I'm Christine Nicola Brown (Manc) network I think and theres a pic of me and hubby from our wedding on as profile pic or email [email protected] and I will add you.

    Dont worry I wont post on anytones wall but we can email privately.

    MPP loving the new shoes hun so gorgeous, has anyone been to see SATC2 yet? Am hoping to go friday night now am back off my hol.

    PS Beckywoo not long till your wedding, weve just had our anniversary 1 year and before we went on hol hubs got cases down and lo and behold what was in it my dress, veil and tiara so I put them all on and sat and watched TV in it he he!!

    It was great to wear my dress again and could not believe it still fits!!

  • Aw image ss about the bump, you tell it off when he or she is born! hehe
    My SIL was a bridesmaid and she was 3 months pg when we had the final dress fitting, she was barely showing, but i can understand how you mean as she was very upset, thinking her belly was sticking out noticeably. Dont worry the seamstresses will sort it for you. Maybe they can do the last alteration closer to your wedding day, maybe a week before.

    :lol: cant believe you sat in your dress watching tv, last time i put my dress on, he thought i was a weirdo. I took great offense to that considering that I blew him away when he 1st saw me on our wedding day!

    Ive not seen SATC2, Not sure if i will like it, i never really watch SATC. I think its had mixed reviews, 50/50.

    Im off to bed in a min, ill sign in FB and add ya quick :\)


  • Ha ha SD that just made me laugh so much. IT reminded me of that episode of Friends wheere they all sit in wedding dresses!!! xxxx
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