Q for you ladies

today i got a such sore cramps across the top of my pelvic bone...say where your pants would be but higher up but also from behind like inside bum behind :roll: ...im sorry but this is going to be a bit personal but im a bit worried as its not the first time its happened but this time was first time it was really sore i was actually doubled over in pain and its still niggling from 3 this afternoon......its not ov pain i no that but im really worried its something serious :\( i no i should go see a doc and i have said if it happens again i def will.usually its a fight go get me there at xmas i had a bad ear and it took me 5 days before i went to docs to find i had a ruptured eardrum i just dont do docs lol

maybe im asking you all because i need a fit us the ass in getting me to the doc or maybe reassurance if you can.....suppose reading it now its a pointless post but if anyone could help i would be very greatful x :\)


  • Get to the bloody doctors :lol: Was that a hard enough kick? :lol:

    I'm sure it's fine hun but always best to get things checked for peace of mind if nothing else

  • rainbow right hun its probably nothing serious but wont hurt to get checked out.xxxxx
  • i no your right ladies but i think il wait until next time then that will be my make or break.....and im sure your right its nothing serious

    thank you esp for the kick lol
  • Righty missus! Get to the doctor! Don't you make me come to that big bridge where you live and make you :P

    As the girls have said it is probably nothing, I've had times in my cycle before where i have been doubled over in pain - for no apparent reason! BUT it is worth getting a doctor to have a look at you to see what is causing it.

    Take care of yourself honey and please make that appointment. I will prob chat to you tomorrow on fb if i can to give you another wee kick :P

  • I hope you have made your appointment mrs! Get down there!
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