How much is too much??

Im using ov sticks this month, if you shouldnt drink too much while your waiting to test, how much is it ok to drink? I hold my wee for 4 hrs and only drink about 1 glass of water during that time, is that ok??? xxx


  • I think that would be fine otherwise you'll get dehydrated!!! It's hard knowing what you can and can't do isn't it. Think the instructions were written by a man.
  • LOL. I reckon you could be right! xx
  • oh gosh it is awful i hate ov tests. i drink so much water as i do not want to be dehydrated - ttc or not - but not having to drink much in the afternoon is a nightmare! as it is, the 3 months i was ttc, i didn't get + first time as i think i missed it, month 2 i got + the day i had uti, and the 3rd time i was lucky because it was a sunday and i don't drink as much water on a sunday (so random! but i drink loads at work).
    will start using them at the weekend i think and i think i will try not to drink much for about 2 hours.
    such a nightmare!!!!!!!!!!
    good luck hun xx
  • Im like you mrs e, i drink loads of water and i hate not being able to drink, it sometimes feels like im going to get cystitis too because im not flushin enough fluids through my system!! (sorry for spelling) xxx
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