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early spotting

Well still on month 9 ttc but not looking good this month. Was feeling quite positve up til yesterday (10dpo) ,AF due on Friday but got AF type pains in the evening and when I went to the loo (tmi) got brown cm on tissue. I do get spotting sometimes leading up to af but not usually this early or with af pains. Had a bit of a cry, well a big cry actually but at least no need to get my hopes up this week I suppose:\(


  • It's not over till the fat lady sings - or rather comes to visit. If it's too early for AF it may be implantation spotting - I don't know much about it but it sounds possible. Keep your chin up !

  • Thanks for the support xx
    I HATE the fat lady. She should get a life or take the hint - she IS NOT welcome!! Especially cheeky with the spotting to let you know she's on her way - gee thanks!!
    Good grief, not like me to take against someone so strongly!!!!!!!!:lol:
  • Ha ha ha - that has cheered me up this dreary afternoon ! I think if you are going to take against anyone it should be her - I know she is only doing her job blah blah blah - but even father christmas has some time off !!!
  • Hey hun, sending you a big hug!! Dont want to get your hopes up but the time I got my BFP the first thing I noticed was that I had brown discharge (sorry TMI). Fingers crossed for you hun xxxxx
  • She's a workaholic!!!
    I've just thought, instead of trying to hide from her, everyone should get together and confront her/ do away with her!!!
    Strength in numbers and that sort of thing etc!
    Oh well best go and hunt some of that PMA stuff to restore some calm for the rest of the week at leastxxx
  • Thanks Wigzyxxx Hugs always welcome, especially in this ttc business!
    I think its because I do get this brown spotting anyway some months that I cant believe this isn't af on her way, but as you say it's not over 100%;\)
  • Do you think this will help ... (against Aunt Flo - not in finding your PMA!)

  • ROFL, Smithyswife, that reminds me of The Matrix.... "We need guns. Lots of guns."
  • What !!!!! Where are my posts going ?? BE - what is going on - are there gremlins on the loose - ooh - maybe they've stolen all the PMA too !!!!

    Anyway - what I was trying to say was ...

    Maybe this will help in the fight against AF ...

  • Now I'm double posting again !!!! Goodness me - someone catch those pesky gremlins !!!!!

  • I LOVE IT!!
    I think those guns would help with anything you wanted them too!!!!
    Not to advocate violence or anything but if anyone ever deserved it!!
    I think we could justify it with th excuse that we're being PROACTIVE!!
    I think I,ve made myself laugh now PROACTIVE about PROCREATION xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Hoorah ! Someone must have rounded up the gremlins ! My posts are working again and I do believe some of the PMA is returning - woo hoo !!!!
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