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Hiya hun, do you have any af pains before you tested positive? x


  • Hi Babym

    About a week after transfare i started having af pains and was convinced it was going to start, the pains werent any different to af. I was paranoid and everytime I went to the toilet i would stare at the paper to see if was staring to pink (sorry tmi). I was soooo eager to test so i did on the 12th day after transfare. The line was very faint but it was there. I went and got a clearblue digital and that said in words 'pregnant'. Still not convinced i went and got more tests and tested a few days later and they all gave me that BFP.
    In answer to your post for me on the other page you should test 14 days after transfare but if eager like me i tested on day 12.
    Good luck and anymore questions please feel free to ask.
    What day are you on now?
    nic x
  • Hi Nic, I had my transfer last Weds (30th) so today i am 7 days past. Ive been geting light af cramps on and off for the last 2 days and been wakin up in the morning with a heavy feeling in my uterus, it goes though once im up and about.
    Its really freaking me out and its hard to remain positive as im sure you no honey.
    Ive also been getting slight low back pain aswel through-out the day, did you have any of this Nic?

    The hospital just told me to test after 14days but no-one mentioned if that was after egg collection or 14days after transfer.

    Anyhow after hearing off you, im gonna test on Weds 14th so that'll be 14 days after transfer OR if im really eager (im sure i wil be) then ill test on the 12th.

    Last few days i am exactly the same as you were Nic, everytime i go the loo i keep expecting to see some pink spotting or something - its driving me insane!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Did you have implantation spotting or anything hun?

    Sorry for pestering you but your help is really appreciated. x Ive only told afew people that we've been having icsi so know one really knows what im going thru.

    Karen. xx
  • Hi Karen

    Can i just say that you can pester me as much as you want to, if i can answer your questions i will, if it's just a chat you want then i am here.
    I know its a very very stressful time, one that, unless you have been through it, you will never understand it.

    I had tummy cramps and back ache, hence the reason why i was convinced i was going to come on.
    I know this is an awful question to ask but have you got any discharge? Do you have any tenderness of the boobs?
    I had a slight discharge, normal in colour and my boobs were tender.
    Are you taking your tablets and using the pessaries still?
    If you can wait, then test on the 14th and use your first morning wee as this will carry more HCG hormone if you are positive.

    I didnt have implantation bleeding but i did have spotting at 8 weeks, i was horrified but when i phoned the clinic they asked the colour of it and when i said brown they werent concerened as they said it was probably old blood from the implantation or it could have been the other embryo.

    Is this your first attempt? We had one half cycle that cost ??2300 as i ovulated to early and then a full cycle costing ??4100. I have two boys from a previous marriage aged 12 and 9 and now Konner 9 months old so i am calling it a day now. If they could guarantee me a little girl then i might consider it lol!

    Karen keep positive I have everything crossed for you.

    Nic x
  • Hi Nic, arh thats really nice of you to say that, thankyou.
    It is our first attempt at icsi treatment yes, wel any fertility treatment really.
    My husband and i had been ttc for just over 3 years. We both havnt got any children between us.

    We were on a 2year waiting list for NHS icsi treatment but then after 12months we had a letter saying we had reached the top of the list so i started treatment April 30th.

    Today ive had less cramping, just lasting afew minutes and then going but when i went the loo before i did notice more like clear snotty discharge on the paper. (sorry tmi) Ive never noticed this before til today.

    Ive noticed this last few morning my low tummy feels quite heavy when i get up but then it goes once im up and about. My boobs are sore, mostly the nipple part but have been for the last 4 weeks or so.
    Im not taking any tablets nor progesterone pessaries, im having progesterone injections instead twice a week just for the 2ww. My decision as i hate using messy pessaries!!
    Ill definately TRY and wait to test til Weds 14th if i can and ill definatley use first morning urine.

    I so want this to work for us as my husband and i love babies/children. My husband lost his sister in October to thru cancer, she was only 36 and ive been on antidepresents since with trying to support my other half so having a BFP wil put us both on such a high.
    Can i ask, how old you was when you had your icsi treatment hun? Were both 29.

    Ill keep you informed Nic and many thanks again for taking the time to reply to my questions, you are a star!!

    In the meantime i wil try and keep positive and stop stressing out. ;o) Easier said than done as you no. ;o( Everytime i go the loo i keep checking the toilet paper!!!!

    Karen. xx
  • Morning Karen

    Everything symptom you are experiencing is what i had but i dont want to get your hopes up, anything can happen.

    I was 35 and oh was 37 when we had icsi, we only told close relatives we where having ivf as its quite personal. I take it from having to have icsi that its your oh with the problem?

    Karen where do you live? I am in Wiltshire.

    Keep going your 2 ww is nearly over.
  • Hi Nic, did you suffer from any headaches in your 2ww as since yesterday my head has been pounding.

    Karen. x x
  • Hi again Nic, sorry only just read your last post from yesterday.
    My husband has a good sperm count but poor sperm motility.
    Ive possibly got scarring on my tubes from previous bowel operations ive had when i was in my teens but i declined to find out last year as i just thought what wil be wil be!!

    I live in Ellesmere Port hun, near Chester. Yes your right its not long now til i can test, hooray!!
    Karen. x x
  • Hi Karen
    To be honest i cant remember, i know i had headaches throughout the pregnancy but i dont know if i had them on my 2ww. Have you got any other symptoms? i do remember having achy sensitive nipples.
    God i am as excited for you as i was myself when i was going through it. I have everything crossed.

    My hubby had low sperm count and motility.
    We used to laugh at the whole process, I had to open my legs but he had the Well he did say it's not pleasure its something he had to do.
    How many of your eggs fertilised? Did you have 2 put back in?
    Nic x x
  • Hi Nic, ive not had many cramps this last 2 days just a banging headache since last night.
    My nipples are stil abit sore to.
    I had 21 eggs retrieved, 5 were of poor quality so that left 16. Out of them 13 fertilised. 8 have been frozen.
    They left 5 out and the best 2 were transfered back in me tum. The remaining 3 were also going to be frozen if they were looking good by last Fri. (i should hear in the post next week so hopefully ill have 11 frozen) ;o)

    The 2 eggs put back were 1 was a 4 cell and the other a 5 cell. They were both grade 2 with 1 being perfect.

    Having a nice weekend shopping with my hubby to cheer myself up. I cant wait til next week to take a test and get back to normality as ive took the 2ww off work. Driving myself nuts now, cant wait til i go back on Weds. ;o)

    Have a lovely weekend. x x
  • Sorry to butt in!

    I really really hope all goes well for you, I know it is a long hard process as I saw my Aunty go through it and she did end up doing it twice and had 2 beautiful boys and somehow it kick started everything and she fell naturally just after the 2nd one was born! She ended up with 2 boys under the age of one!!!

    Fingers crossed and cannot wait to see if you get your BFP on 14th!!!
  • Hi Oldermum
    it's always good to hear positive ivf treatments for the couples on here. I've had my baby but i want to support those going through it at the mo.
    Nice of you to tell of your Aunt.
  • Hi Karen

    Change of name!! I was confused.
    I was getting worried that i hadnt seen you on here, is everything ok?
    Nic x x
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