Still unsure but doing something positive!!

Well I think I have resigned myself to the fact I think AF is on its way. Have had pink/brown discharge/spotting since tuesday, only light mostly when I wipe sorry for tmi. Had hoped it could be possible implantation bleeding as it was 8DPO, and I am not due on til mon 23rd if I go by my short 23 day cycle or thursday going by 26 days, but just have that feeling that AF is on its way full flow, I have dull tummy ache:\(
But I don't want to dwell as I go into month 3 ttc, so have just been on E bay and purchased an ovulation/pregnancy predicion kit ready for the next few weeks ahead. I figure that with such messed up cycle am only cd19 today it might help. Just hope AF gets here and gets going and stops messing about.
Am getting me lots of PMA, as am sure it will help:\)

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