CBFM ladies can you help????

I am on my third cycle of using cbfm and on my first i got high on cd 13 and 14, peak on 15 and high on 16. On the second cycle i got my peak on cd11 and 12 but this month i am on cd 13 and still no high or peak yet - is this normal??

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  • I'm sure it's fine, I have complete faith in the nifty little CBFM - I had 2 BFP's both times when using it on the first cycle, unfortunetly neither of them were sticky, though I'm now pg for the third time :\)

    Don't worry my lovely, I'm sure your highs are just around the corner image

  • Sounds similar to me. Only on 2nd cycle but ...

    1st month Highs on 13/14/15 - Peaks 16/17.
    2nd month High on 9 - Peaks 10/11

    I find it so helpful pinpointing that vital moment! Couldn't do without it:\)
  • thanks ladies, i feel a bit more relaxed now :\)
    How long does it normally take to get used to your cycles?
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