Newbie saying hi :)

Hi ladies, i'm finally making the jump from planning a baby to trying for a baby & am soooooo excited!!

Already have a ds who has just turned 21months & can't wait to give him little brother or sister!!

I'm new to this ttc malarkey as ds was a (happy & lovey) surprise!! Am currently on day 1 of my period & usually have a 29 day cycle so i'll prob ovulate around day 14-15?? does that sound about right? i don't wanna use ov sticks just yet so should me & dh just get jiggy as much as poss after af has finished?? when am i most likely to get preg??

Sorry 4 all the questions ladies but new to this so any info would b much appreciated image

Eeeeekkkkk so excited xxxx


  • Hi,

    Welcome to the ttc forum! I would just BD every couple of days to be sure. Although I'm using the cbfm at the moment as DH works shifts so have to make sure we don't miss the window.

    You can have a look at this though:

    Lots of baby dust x
  • Hi there! We are month 2 of ttc 2nd baby. Ours is 19 months now. Like you our first was a surprise so am new to 'trying'. We've just been BDing every 2 (occasionaly 3) days throughout month as not yet using any monitors/sticks etc. I might look into them if we don't get our BFP soon though.

    Best of luck! x x x
  • hello there

    we are also TTC no2 and are on month 2 image

    good luck x
  • Ahhh thanks ladies, i'm gonna have a look at those websites & check roughly when i ovulate. My god my hubbie will b one happy man if he gets it every other night lol!!
    Everyone on here seems lovely & hopefully we'll all b getting our BFP's really soon!! I'd love a summer baby as ds was born rememberance day 2008 so winter baby!!

    Thanks again xxxx
  • we are hoping for a summer baby too, DS was born last new years eve!!
  • hiy and welcome image good luck ttc xxx
  • Good luck and welcome!
    Counting your first day of bleeding as day 1, I have a chart that says that on average you would be 'relatively fertile' on days 7-9 and 'fertile' on days 10-18, then it's the big 2WW!!
    I'm try to BD as much as possible between days 7a and 18.
    I'm on day 9 just now - fun times!!!
  • Strangely enough i had very light brown spotting on fri & sat then tailed off & yesterday my 'proper' period started so do i count 1st day of cycle from fri or sat???
    Not lookin fwd to the big 2WW!! i bet i'll b one of those symptom spotters!! i'm not expecting to catch 1st time but would of course b nice!!

    Good luck & lots of baby dust to u all xxxxx
  • Hi hunni and welcome. We are on month 1 of ttc baby no2, we have an 18 month old daughter called Abi and I am sooooo broody :lol: I use FertilityFriend to chart my cycles. Fingers crossed you get a BFP soon xx
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