hiya- i came off my pill beg of feb after 7 yrs on it so that i give my body a break for when we start TTC in Aug (on our honey moon!).
I had a very very light period- well actually it was more like i was spotting "old blood" if u get me? (sorry tmi!!) at the beggning of april- about 62 days after my withdrawal bleed from pill and since then ive had nothing.

i know alot of people take ages to get back into a routine but im getting a bit worried- are there any test the docs can do to test if u are ovulating and everything is working ok? stating traking my BBT about a month ago and i just get erratic high and low temps so i dont think i do ovulate???
my mum started the menopause at the age of 32 so making me even more worried that im not functioning properly!!!

anyone else had the same thing??


  • Hi susanlee. Sorry but I can't help but I didn't want to read and run. You can always try the ov sticks which should give you an idea if and when you are ovulating. Bearing in mind your mum's history you might want to double check with the Drs (maybe just a phonecall). I'm not sure if that kind of thing runs in the family or not.....? Sorry I can't be of more help but keep smiling and lots of PMA to you now. xxx
  • I was told that it could take 6 months to a year to regulate after coming off the pill in January. I didn't have AF for two months after coming off just one day of spotting. and touch wood I've been fine for the last 2/3 months and af been spot on. I think everybody is just different hun, what pill were you on out of interest?
  • Hon

    Your BBT will vary wildly but there should be a shift from high to low. Are you using website to help with the interpretation

    Given that you were on the pill it might take a while to get back to ovulating

    The doctors can test for progesterone around day 21 of your cycle (or whatever that is for you) to check you have ovulated. However might be tricky at the moment as you don't have a regular cycle
    Might be worth speaking to your GP about your mum's early menopause as I am farily sure tests would reveal that.

    Take care
  • hi thanks for the replies- yes i might just ring the docs and see what they say- its soooo frustrating isnt it!!
    i stopped charting my BBT last week as it was SO erratic and i was away for the weekend so would have been getting up at diff times etc but i think il have to start again really as il never know where i am!
    not sure how to use ov sticks? do u have to pee on them everyday?
    sorry if i sound dumb but im knew to alol this!! :lol: :roll:
  • hi j-jenko

    what website should i be using??
    yes it was very very erratic- high and low but just up 1 day down another- no pattern really!
  • There is a new test that you can have done privately (think it is about ??85) which tells you how fertile you are for your age i.e in my case am I a young 29 year old/normal or old 29 year old in terms of fertility. As above you can also have all the hormone tests done but I would def suggest a trip to the doc to discuss your worries.

    Lots and lots of luck.

    A xx
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