Do I need a Poo or is this a sign!

Ladies please tell me im not going mad!
For days ive been having little niggles on my right side, last night I was so full of gas sorry if TMI my DH actually said my stomach looked bigger than his 5 mth pregnant sister - nice eh! Im pretty slim but I could see a definite bloat, anyway had the gas been to the loo a few times and podge seems to have gone down.

When im sitting at my desk at work I sometimes feel the need to lean back as getting sharp shooting pains in right side, ive had hot water bottles on it in the evening but lady on another thread said i shouldnt do that. However what ive read on the internet says its fine.

Im 9DPO and dying to test by DH said leave till next Friday! I dont want to go behind his back and test

But I just wondered what you all think I suppose I wont know for sure till i test, just want a frustrating rant!:lol:


  • haahahahaha i think its sounds like u need a big poo! lol, but some symptoms maybe for PG too! so u never no lol, do wait til fri to test tho hun! good luck! xxxxxxx
  • Ok will do my best! x
  • Sounds like good signs to me. Hope it just isn't the fact you need a poo. Tho surely if you do a poo an the feelings still there then that proves it? X
  • o yeah! didt think of that baby-princess lol, go do a poo excited4 baby lol, see if its still there!!!??? hehehehe xxx
  • Well ive had a poo today already! so dont think i need another surely! haha what a funny thread, serious though annoying me i dont know what this is. AF due today but DH wants me to test next Fri
  • hehehee this is funny! LOL oooo then yeah thats good hun! woohoo! im excited for u! cant beleive hes making u wait til next week! try talk him round to testing maybe sat or sun?? x
  • If you're only 9 dpo I would wait until you're at 12dpo as I've seen so many people get bfn's that then turn into a bfp. Tell dh that you'd rather know as if you are pg you need to stop using the hot water bottle on your tum as it's bad for the l/o! (which the other lady said and is correct if the bottle is very hot)
  • ok baby on board i didnt realise that, what would you suggest for the discomfort, try to ignore it or anything you woudl try?
  • I just like saying poo.

    I need to get out more image x
  • Hi hun im 9dpo today and feel exactly the same as u (wind like never had before) haha and really bloated to fingers crossed for ya xx
  • I had excess wind and constipation both times I was pregnant right at the start- in fact it is one the symptoms... image

    Good luck x
  • Hi excited, for the discomfort you can use a hot w. bottle just not too hot. That's what I did when I was pg last time and I didn't leave it on for too long, as all it is, is that they don't think that raising your core temperature is good for the baby, hence they say no hot tubs or steaming hot baths, although moderate heat is OK as far as I know as long as you are not getting too hot and the heat is not directly heating your abdomen too much. You are allowed paracetamol as far as I know too if the pain is bad.
  • thanks ladies, its 12DPO and still no AF, but after sex yesterday i checked my cervix and had a slight brown discharge, anyone else had this? My weird pains and wind seem to have gone away although still a little bloated - what u reckon?
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