hello... here for advice 'n stuff!

Hiya... newbie here :\)

Been ttc properly since late April. AF arrived today so no joy so far, although I know it's v early days! Never realised how much i wanted this till we started trying properly tho...

Have just ordered myself a basal thermometer and thinking of trying ov sticks so any advice is welcome - obviously i'm v new to this!

Lilylolo x


  • Hello, welcome to the site. Sounds like you're obsessed already, you'll fit right in!
  • lol i agree with lulabellarama,in my experience ive found the ov sticks easier than charting your temp but everyone is different,good luck

  • Welcome!

    I do pretty much everything to try to work out when I ov (irregular cycles so it's a bit of a puzzle!)

    I find checking my cm (cervical mucus) helps me identify when I am approaching ov, and then I can use ov sticks and BBT to confirm. When you are most fertile your cm is like egg whites - clear and stretchy. This helps the swimmers stay alive and get to their goal!

  • thanx! Which ov sticks do you recommend, i've done a few google searches and there are so many plus they vary in price so much! Am i best going with a known brand, but more expensive like clearblue or boots own?

    I'm lucky cycle really regular since coming off the pill about 8 months ago, always 28 days although cycle before last 27 for some reason. I will keep an eye on cm changes 2! good luck everybody x
  • Hi Lilylolo - there was a thread on BBT yesterday started by K-Lou that might help!

    The upshot was: its complicated and time consuming, but some people find it helpful in combination with OPK.

    Good luck ttc and welcome!
  • I get my hpk's and opk's from Ebay - via the Fertility Plan shop. Ordered 15 hpk's yesterday for ??3 incl delivery.

    I determined when I ov'd with the opk's and got my bfp with the hpk's a couple of months ago so they do work (unfortunately mc'd so back to ttc)

    You should ov 14 days before af so as you are text book with 28 day cycles you should ov on/around day 14 unless you have short luteal phase. I would start bd-ing from day 10/11.

    You're so lucky having normal cycle. Wish I did... image
  • i get mine from www.accessdiagnostics.co.uk there not bad priced and on them its free delivery and i normaly get them 1-2 days after ive ordered them
  • Thanx Flush Baby B and ang3l... I'll take a look at other threads and also the online sticks u mention. Another question, what exactly is a luteal phase? Sorry!
  • Hi there and welcome to the site, you sound like you'll fit right into this mad house, good luck ttc.
  • Its the time between ovulation and the end of your cycle (the last day before your next period). The luteal phase typically lasts between 10 and 16 days, but it will not usually vary more than 1 or 2 days for each woman. So if, for example, your luteal phase is 11 days, it will usually always be 10-12 days. The luteal phase provides time for a fertilized egg, or embryo, to travel to the uterus to implant.

    Hope that helps!
  • thanks Flush that explained it perfectly for me! image
  • hello lilylolo and welcome!!! you will be addicted before long and you will be having urges to POAS!!!

    good luck hun, lots of babydust xxx
  • lol lol mrs_e just had to look up what POAS stands for and now i'm PMSL!!!x
  • Hi Lilylolo, just wanted to say welcome to the site!

    POAS is pee on a stick! lol xx
  • Hi there

    I am also new too (joined yesterday!). We are currently ttc our third baby without much luck so far. When conceiving our first 2 children I used the CB ov sticks (digital wasn't around then!) and they worked really well for us. My cycles are very irregular and I don't think I would have ever predicted the correct days to conceive without them.

    (Am using them for the first time this month as this is only my 2nd AF after coming off pill 8 months ago - fingers crossed!!)

    Good luck!
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