hey guys !!!
is doing a hpt 7dpo too early , when do you think i should test?? im so impatient i just wanna se a BFP!!


  • Hi hun,

    Yup 7dpo is definitely too early! Step away from the test......!!! :lol:

    I think the earliest you can really expect to pick up a BFP is from 10dpo, but even then you are better off trying to wait until 14dpo to avoid picking up a chem preg.

    Good luck! xxx
  • I agreee with Magpie hun. Its too early to test i know how hard it is only 5 dpo and im itching to test but i know its way too early and would be a waste of money and dont want to see a BFN! so i am waiting for when my period is due
    I knwo its hard but stay strong and wait till AF is due
  • Step away!!! :lol:
    Too early...I would *try* & wait until at least 14/15 DPO if not after AF is due...I know its easier said than done, but BFN's a re so disheartening!!! I tested at 12DPO & as soon as I'd done it I wished I hadn't!

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