I'm Going to Get a puppy!

And nothing OH says is going to stop me. I just want to nurture! Is this such a good idea? How many of you gals have pets? Tips and advice will be very appreciated.


  • Ah I love puppies!! All I would say is think carefully about what a huge commitment a puppy is, how much of your time it will take up and what you will have to give up! I only say this because my mother in law got a puppy last year and I never imagined how much of her life it would consume, how much training was involved and how difficult it now is for her and my father in law to go out and do things. They can never go out for a whole day without the puppy (who is 1 now) so when they go to visit grandchildren only one of them goes and the other stays with the dog. When they go on holiday they have to book the dog into a farm that looks after her. etc etc. I think my father in law is regretting it but my mother in law loves her so much so doesn't mind all the sacrifices!!! I guess it depends on breed too, some will be easier than others! xx
  • hehe, ive got a pup-well she is going on 3 now.

    Um...do you think you will be 'allowed' a pet. Anyway-what happens if it will end up taking money out of the baby fund!!!

    Good luck with putting up the arguement though!!!
  • Hmn..it will take a lot of my time right? And money. i've thought of that too and i know i'll cope just fine. I am allowed a pet and i can go almost everywhere with it. What breed is ur pup HF?
  • The only advice I would give is to go to an animal shelter rather than a breeder. We got our little pooch from a shelter and when you see all of the little dogs waiting for a home with someone to love them it makes you want to take them all home with you! Plus with my little baby being a cross breed he's cheaper to insure and (touch wood) he is never poorly. You tend to find cross breeds are more resilient in that respect.
    I suppose it's all down to personal choice but I personally can't abide the thought of going to choose a pedigree puppy from a breeder when there are so many dogs in shelters needing a home. xx
  • Hi, I have a black lab, he's 3 and much calmer. I would never have got a puppy then ttc cos he took up soo much of my attention, have to watch them all the bloody time! lol! There is no way I would have trusted him to walk calmly next to a pram either, but now he's grown up and calmer I would. It does depend on the breed though.

    If you do get a pup, make sure its well socialised with babies and children and will let you do anything to it. I would be careful getting a shelter dog as you don't always know their background. A shelter puppy would be best as you would be able to train it better.

    Have fun sweetie! x
  • Hey,

    we have a puppy and i never remember it being this much work wen i was little and we had 2 LOL!

    OH gets up and takes him out at 6am - for 45mins - this is every day - no matter what weather and there are no exceptions (obviously i take him if oh is ill or away with work)

    we then both go to work at 8am and he goes in his house ( i assure you it's a house and not just a kennel) - one of us - usually OH comes home around 1.30pm to let him into our house for about 20 mins then back out to his own house until we finish at 6pm - home around 6.30 to 7pm.

    he is then walked for another 45 mins!

    i've never worried so much in my life as i did hen he was a pup and he seemed not quite himself. he costs a fortune because he will not eat anything but eukanuba and he's a large breed so eats well LOL - my aunty's little terrier would eat his 2 meals a day -in a week LOL.

    we haven't been on holiday since we had him - we took him away with us and were supposed to be away for 4 days - we stayed for 2 and our pups favourite part of the holiday was travelling! oh - and playing in the sea and sand with other dogs.

    i think lots of ppl have dogs but don't give them the best life they could have - i know ppl that only walk their dog round the block and they think that's looking after them.....

    sorry - that probably sounds a bit harsh and blunt but as you can see - we love our pup and i don't think anyone should go in to having a dog light heartedly because it would not be fair on the dog if you're not going to give him a 110%. ppl always comment on how happy our dog is and that makes it all worth while.

  • we've got a lhasa apso/westie. She mostly looks like a westie, but is little with a fluffy tail like a lhasa.

    she is very spoiled so ive been reading about how to sort that out for when baby comes.

  • Hiya
    I have my boys! My two dogs which we had from a shelter when they were pups. Monty is a border collie cross and is 2 and a half, and Joey who is a lab x spaniel who is about 18months.

    When Monty was a pup he was a little angel - needed exercising loads obv but was fine. Joey on the other hand has been a little sh1t! We have had to replace the whole kitchen due to him chewing while we were out, he has escaped to a b1tch down the road when she was on heat and he hadn't been snipped! He opened the fridge one day and ate the contents 3blocks of cheese, free range chicken breats raw, 8 sausages, ham, block of butter EVERYTHING!
    He has calmed down now he has been snipped and that bit older but when he was a pup it was so stressful!

    We do think that having 2 will make it a bit easier for when we have LO as they play a lot together so won't feel as left out once LO arrives. (Still TTC)

    They are expensive though with jabs, insurance, food, and kennels if you want to go away. Our kennels are fantastic and the boys have a double room with radio and outside part as well as the heat lamp in their inside bit! lol But that is ??25 per night so soon adds on top of your hols!

    Hopefully I havent put you off too much but just letting you know the other side to the cute fluffy puppy!
  • i really want a westie, always have but hubby won't let me, he said maybe when we have LO if we can afford for me to be a stay at home mum. We've also got a cat and she is so spoiled (to the point where hubby has to pick her up when he comes in or she'll cry constantly till he does) don't think she'd appriciate a puppy and a baby!
  • aw Nilo- i love your cat!!!!
  • Hey home fairy, I can give you some tips on how to get your little one ready for the babs if you want hun? Teach Animal management/behaviour xxx
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