Anyone else lacking pma?

Hiya everyone - hows everybody been this month? Wondered who was confident of BFP this month as i was at the beginning of the month but i am now cd25 of 30 days cycle and as have absolutely no symptoms, and a bfn this morning i feel like ts another long wait to come. Its sooo depressing sometimes i wonder why we do it to ourselves? How can it take months and months for so many people - it cant be that hard! Byut apparently it is and so i feel like a failure before af is even due.
I am in desperate need of PMA, and i just want AF to arrive so that i can get ready to start again. Anyone feeling this way this month?

Congratulations to everyone that got their BFP this month - if you had any symptoms please let us know what and when??? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • I had no symptoms other than AF's arrival and I got BFP so chin up hun no symptoms does not mean you have not done it xxx
  • Hi,
    I have had a very up and down month - its been a real rollercoaster but now AF has arrived (4 days late and with some very strange symptoms in between - see my "Advice please" post) I feel strangely apathetic. Once AF is over Im sure I will pick up and get back on the horse so to speak image.

    Dont let the BFN get you down though hun, its really early to be testing, you still have a few days before AF is due so I am sending you some PMA and fingers crossed for you BFP this month!!!

    Good luck hun, its not over till the fat lady shows!!!!


  • i have benn feeling up and down this month but had slight spotting yesterday then nothing then today have had more spotting and i now feel like af is on her way, a day early!!
    anyway chin up girl,its not over until the witch comes x
  • Thanks both of you - congratulations to you Socks! You must be so excited and overwhelmed at the moment so thanks for taking the time to reply.
    I read your post mrsS1258 and thought that your symptoms were very confusing. I would wonder myself if it was a chemical pregnancy or maybe your body playing tricks on you. Good luck for next month though! ANd thanks for the PMA xx
    Iwantanotherpls - i will try to keep chin up. WOuldnt it be good if our cycles were on 10 days or so! THen it wouldnt be sucha long wait every month.
    goodluck everyone xxxxxxx
  • Im due to test on Tues, my PMA is sneaking away. I have been feeling nauseous, tired and went off coffee, but today the nausea has gone and the coffee tasted fine. Still tired, but not that bone-deep tiredness I did have. Not holding out much hope for a bfp on Tuesday now. :cry:

    You, on the other hand, could possibly in the running as you did test awfully early! Wait until af is actually due and test again. Good luck! Not got much pma to spare, but will send a smidge your way! xx

  • don't lose faith em29 - it is early to test!

    i thought i had loads of symptoms this month and i'm on six weeks since last af but got a bfn yesterday. i had one withdrawal off pill then 6 weeks later first 'normal' period but now another 6 weeks and nothing... i was sure i might get a bfp but now i'm just looking for a/f!

    have ordered some ov tests to check i'm working out dates right. Pill is good while you're on it but afterwards it sends you a bit haywire- anyone else have trouble settling down after pill? i thought cause i'd had my first normal one it was back to normal quite quickly - obviously not :roll: x

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  • PInkpink: I was on the pill and have only had one natural af since coming off. I know i am expecting too much too soon but its hard not to get your hopes up isnt it. I know everyine on here feels the same way so its nice to get everyone elses input. BB4 - if there is hope for me then there is hope for you too! The only reason i feel i have not done it this month is when i was pregnant with my first i had red raw nipples at 7dpo, i am looking at my nipples all the time like a mad woman! But i suppose there is still a small chance....
  • I believe you don't always have the same symptoms from PG to PG, or maybe none at all! There is still time hun so don't lose you PMA - I am sending you some of mine xx Don't forget - it is still 5 days early so you would be lucky if anything showed on a test. Wait until you are late and then try again xx
  • you could def have different symptoms this time though em29! fingers crossed for you!

    think i'm just being impatient! going to try with my ov sticks this month and see how we get on. now just need af to get going! xxx

    this forum is great! so much support and info. oh is great but he doesn't quite want to talk cm in detail!!

  • there is still time hun!!!

    i'm sending you lots of PMA image
  • Thanks immense - you are speaking perfect sense of course! I have turned into a loony since ttc. I would never have been this obsessive about anything before. Except chocolate eating! Here to a late AF! Thanks for PMA - its working already with you all saying i am still in with a chance! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • thanks mrs_e xxxxxxxxxxx
  • :lol: Im good at giving advice and words of encouragement but no good at taking! image

    But you are right, we should both keep repeating the mantra: NO AF = STILL GOT HOPE!!!!!! ;\)

    good luck xxx

  • Good for you BB4!!! theres no stopping us now. Are you testing tuesday? i am going to test friday if no af.
  • i'm going to test next sat if still no af! lots of baby dust to you em29 and bb4! my boobs are huge - must all mean something image if not a bfp at least af to get trying again..

  • Goodluck pinkpink! MAybe you have enough stamina not to test five days early like me!!!!
  • haha no way - i tested at 4 weeks, then 5 and now six but no bfp or af????? limbo land - am def going to try and hold out a week. there's def more hope for you! fingers crossed for five days!! x
  • oh doubt i will be here for a few cycles yet. xxx
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