Help, bleeding ***update***

ok so i'm on CD18, my cycles are still decreasing each time but last was 44 days.
Had 11 days of period, which is normal for me, on sat (cd14) i had weird pains in my left side, which i put down to ov pains. Well literally about 5 mins ago i went to the loo to discover i'm bleeding, lots of large clots (sorry tmi) i've had a dull ache for the past hour or so but didn't think anything of it,
what the hell is going on? never had this before and i'm a bit worried. Is this a new cycle?

Ok its official since last night there has not been a hint of blood. So i really don't no what to think.
I'm guessing its not AF, maybe ov bleeding or just my body having a funny 5. My cbfm arrived today so i guess i'll wait for AF and see what happens. thanks HappyMrsS

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  • Maybe you should go to the dr hun? I'm sure it's nothing to worry about but they might be able to suggest something or put your mind at rest? Sorry I can't be more help! xx
  • thanks hun, whats weird is now its gone, been nothing since i cleaned up. Grrr being tortured by my own body image
  • It couldn't be implantation bleeding could it?? xx
  • wouldn't have thought so only bd'd once this cycle and that was last night. Only thing i would think of is ovulation bleeding but i've never had it before so not got a clue.
  • ive just started my cbfm too so we can be in the same boat!!

    im just getting excited to POAS!!!

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