Someone slap me! Lol

Ladies, I think i'm turning into a poas addict!

Today is 10dpo so i've been s.s for a few days. Got high bbt...37 the last 2 days n 36.9 this am. Lots of creamy cm (tmi), stotting headaches n pulling / cramping down right side! This morning with fmu I poas and got a bfn! I dnt even no isnt due for another 4 days! I have 9 tests left at home n just wana pee on the til there gone! Argh!

I've already decided if this isnt r month then nxt month im not gunna temp n check cm,just guna let mother nature do what she does best?

Glad I got that off my chest!

P.s apols for typo's - im on my phone!


  • get ur hubby to lock up your tests! lol


    lol im kinda like that, so i dont keep any tests in the house, and i keep my bank card at home so i cant buy any either til testing day lol. good luck, hopefully this is the last month u have to do this image xxxxxx

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