Do you know what baby things you want already?.....

How made am i....i have already chosen the pram i want for when i do get pregnant. Its the icandy peach blossom and i want it in red.I really hope im one step closer to getting it this month. Anyone else planned things for there future babies?Or am i the only mad one?x


  • Nope! I've got all the pages in the Mothercare and Mamas and Papas catalogues marked with little post-its. We've even been to test the prams ha ha! I think its half the fun - and even if we can't control when we get a bfp at least we can plan everything else! x ps I like the M&P Milo or the Mothercare Mychoice3.
  • nope.. pikd pram.... moses basket.. cot bedding... the lot image xxx
  • i have picked a few prams i like!! lol!
    mothercare excursion or spin. or the icandy cherry or apple!

    not really looked at anything else!! hehe!!
  • Last time I didn't even let myself think about baby stuff until past 20 weeks - will do the same next time - I'm quite a paranoid person by nature though!! I have planned what birth I want though and planned next time we shall find out sex again but say to family we havent found out! xxx
  • Have kinda picked my pram M&P Pliko pramette in polka dot but will prob change my mind.

    Want a bright nursery filled with lots of colour.

    Only thing I have bought is a newborn romper with i love my daddy on did think I would get tto give it to hubby this month as thought I was pregnant yet again cruel body but at least I have it now and will get to give it to him one day image

  • Ooooh naughty thread!!!

    Yes I have! I am a super organised person though so i knew i would be the same for baby things!

    I think we'll probably get the Phil&teds Sport / Dash pram as we need one that we can take out with the dogs!

    I want a moses basket too then into the cot bed. Moses basket I like is from Marks and Spencers! They actually have some lovely ranges this year!

    I must admit ive not actually bought anything yet, and wont do till we get the BFP - but then i think i may go a bit spend mad!
  • I want either the babystyle lux leatherette or the bebecar Grand style plus. I will probably get a bugaboo bee2 as they r small and fold up good for travelling. As my parents are still oop north, I do g drive so will be taking the train alot

  • i have picked everything i want from the rattles to the prams lol xx
  • I have a pretty good idea about a lot of things too!

    My darling husband calls it my 'research' lol!
  • Yes i have been looking into double prams, sort of likeing the phil and ted ones

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