I know there is absolutely nothing that I can do but it's so annoying....anyone in the same boat? Am spending a small fortune on OPK. Came off pill July,had AF Oct 10th but nothing since....Must be patient but easier said than done.Also must stop POAS addiction! :lol:


  • Came off BCP 2nd August had withdrawal bleed and no AF or BFP since. I managed to get a positive result on an OPK on CD24 but having now reached CD96 I can safely say whatever my body was trying to do it didn't manage to ovulate. It's so frustrating not to have anything to work with!

    Now seeing as you've had AF once already I think you'll be alright! Probably just take a while to get warmed up and 10th Oct is only just a month ago so you could still be within the limits of a 'normal' cycle length.

    Good luck!

  • Hi Mrs.Robson.Thanks for the reply! CD 96...poor you,I know how you feel and it's really frustrating..My first proper cycle was 72 days and that annoyed me enough. Did you get any OV pains with your OPK +? Are you still using them?...I might have to fine a cheaper brand cos they're costing a fortune!! xxx
  • ...Also Mrs.Robson...some people have tried agnus castus on here and seems to work...Not sure when you take it but might be worth a look?xxx
  • Thanks MrsAP - just started taking AC on Saturday but don't have a clue what days to take it as you're meant to stop after OV....!

    I felt that I had some pains when I got the OPK +ve but obviously I didn't OV successfully! So I guess my body is trying!

    Stopped doing OPKs back then - I would have spent a fortune if I'd carried on!

    Now thinking cheapos may be a good idea or even taking temperatures but I just feel like I've got nothing to work with - it is worth monitoring anything before AF comes...???!!

    H x
  • gosh girls im gutted for u i am very lucky i stopped pill end of june, had withdrawal bleed 4 days later and started 30/31 day cycles ever since regular as clock work feel very lucky as this obviously isnt the case for everyone, wishing lots of baby dust to everyone hope we all have bfps very soon xxx
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